US calls China’s bluff on North Korea – The Straits Times

It is still fashionable to deride the Donald Trump administration as lacking strategic knowledge or vision. But on North Korea, the administration has been neither silly nor devoid of purpose. It has wisely rejected the supposed dichotomy between a total war and no military options whatsoever as false. It has also told China in no uncertain terms that if the Chinese claim that they cannot influence events in North Korea, they should not object if others start exercising influence.

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Reckless? No, or at least not yet. For there is no evidence that previous “peaceful” policies have worked, although there is plenty of evidence that the time for diplomacy is quickly running out.

Indeed, an even more persuasive case can be made that the only alternative to current US policies, which is to accept a nuclear North Korea as a permanent reality, remains the truly reckless option.

US calls China’s bluff on North Korea , Opinion News & Top Stories – The Straits Times