My Log: 12.05.2017

I’ve started a new category for my ranting and raving: My Log. Instead of putting this on the front page of the blog, I will be putting it in category My Log.

Today my ranting is general in nature.

War in Israel

I’m continuing to watch the possibility of war shifting to Israel from Syria. I expect that Israel will get into a war with Hamas and move to wipe out Hamas. The move to wipe out Hamas will bring in Hezbollah and Syria. Right now it looks like a war with Hamas is at a tipping point because Hamas is running out of time. Conditions in Gaza are miserable, and Hamas probably has to do something to break the Israeli blockade.

Updated on May 11, 2017

The idiots have really done it this time. You know about transgenderism, right? Transgenderism is the idea that gender is fluid – easily changeable from week to week. Now there is transracialism. Logically, transracialism follows from transgenderism. Unfortunately, transracialism puts the idiots in a box, and unsurprisingly they are lashing out.

This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks Like

Feminist Philosopher Censured for Questioning Uniqueness of Transgender Rights

One of the key ideas for undermining the West is piting one group against another. But if the groups are actually fluid with easily crossed boundaries – the essence of transracialism – then that seriously undermines the whole concept of group grievances. One has to be stuck in a group for there to be true grievances. Transgenderism can work because it can be used as a wedge to undermine western tradition while the number of the people involved is relatively small. There is no upside for modern leftists (aka communists) to transracialism.

The tranracialism debate really started with Rachel Dolezal. Rachel is a white women who wants to be black.

Rachel Dolezal: ‘I’m not going to stoop and apologise and grovel’ | US news | The Guardian

The real problem with transracialism is that it logically flows from transgenderism. Never mind that both ideas are pretty crazy. But how do you stop one and not the other?

We can all see that the academics against transracialism and for transgenderism are a bunch of idiots. This is really the state of academia today. We are being led by idiots with a plan, aka communists.

When academics go wrong it typically occurs at ground zero. That’s because most people tend to gloss over the initial assumptions in a model or framework. For academics, the key initial assumption is “equality.” We’re all equal, and should end up with an equal outcome.  Right now they hide behind the “group” concept. They only want equality for groups. But what is a group? For blacks, there are light-skinned and dark-skinned people. There are black immigrants from the Africa, South America and the Caribbean Islands. Once all groups have an equal outcome, then suddenly the groups with split off into smaller subgroups. Now each subgroup must have equality. This doesn’t end until each individual person has an equal outcome to everyone else.

Another problem is that we  aren’t all equal. Some people have a skill set that can lead them to make a lot of money, for example a singer or sports star. And others will struggle to make a living. Even within a single family, the children can have vastly different outcomes. This happened in my family with my brothers and sisters.

Overall, it is my belief that academics are leading the West over a cliff. They must be stopped if the West is to survive as we know it.

Updated on May 4, 2017

One thing you may have noticed is the exceptional violence of the left. Essentially, they will not talk with the right because they believe the right is a Nazi movement. They don’t talk with Nazis. They punch them in the face or worse. And it hasn’t taken long for the right to return the favor. The US appears to be in some kind of pre-civil war state where both sides are just about ready for war.

Perhaps we won’t get an actual war, but I would expect the country to keep pushing leftward with occasional pauses: Two steps forward and one pause.

In my opinion there are a couple of key ideas that are driving the confrontation:

  1. Equality
  2. Christianity

In a relatively stable environment, the push for equality can grow and grow and grow. Equality means equality of outcome, not opportunity. Equality is simply communism hiding in plain sight. The left still believes in communism, but it needs to be done right. Naturally, every leftist knows how to do it right. Only the fools who are actually given a chance seem to screw it up. Of course, sane thinking people know that communism can never work.

The problem of Christianity is really the de-Christianization of America. When you leave Christianity, where do you go? Most people head on over to the religion of equality. Interestingly, churches in the West seem to be just fine with the death of Christianity because they aren’t doing much to stop it. What about pointing out that logically equality is communism?

After a long period of stability, about 60 to 80 after the last big crash (World War II), when you start to see big problems in one area then know that these kinds of problems exist throughout society. So 9/11 and the 2008 financial crash suggested that society was in trouble. The threat of civil war and warnings about World War III suggest that a big crash is getting nearer.

Updated on April 19, 2017

Before 9/11 there were a few people talking about the possibility of the US getting hit big but most had no clue. Before the 2008 financial crash there were a few people talking about it but most had no clue. Big shocks are generally preceded by talk from a few credible people. This is an indication of a tipping point.

Define tipping point: When something small can trigger something big.

We can remain at a tipping point for several years then something happens and bang.

Have we reached a tipping point concerning World War III?

Take a look at a few recent articles below:

People are writing about the possibility of World War III. They are worried about an accident or miscalculation escalating into a full-blown nuclear war. Even though they may not want war, it can still happen through unstoppable escalation. But how do you know that the leaders in Russia and China don’t want nuclear war? You can’t read the mind of these leaders, and thus, you can’t be sure they won’t start a nuclear war if given a good excuse.

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Well, World War III will destroy the world. No it won’t. Nuclear winter has been discredited based on the study of volcanoes. Nuclear winter is more like nuclear fall that will go back to normal over about five years.

What about Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD)?

Given the low level of deliverable nuclear weapons in the US nuclear arsenal, the US will only be able to respond once to a large-scale nuclear attack from Russia and China. If the people in Russia and China can get to a nuclear fallout shelter, then they will survive. There will be no complete obliteration of the Russians and Chinese. In other words, the concept of MAD no longer applies when the US can respond only one time. The first one to launch a nuclear attack pretty much wins if they have plenty of fallout shelters. Both Russia and China are in better shape than the US regarding fallout shelters.

What does history say about the threat of war?

In forecasting competitions, the best forecasters use the past as their guide. They do not look into the future and guess likely events. They go back in history to find similar situations, and see what happened. This works much better than attempting to look into the future because so much information is incomplete. You don’t know what various leaders around the world are thinking. You just can’t know enough in order to make good forecasting decisions.

One estimate from the past shows that the probability of war is 77% (10/13) when a rising power (like China) gets into conflict with a hegemonic leader (the US.) This is based on hundreds of years of historical data. Is China in conflict with the US?

It looks like a military conflict between China and the US is brewing on the horizon. What about Russia?

U.S.-Russia Relations Are ‘Worse’ Than During the Cold War, Kremlin Spokesman Says

You can see that there is a lot of tension between the US and Russia, and the US and China. It’s really not a stretch to say that we are indeed at a tipping point concerning World War III.

To get a little more conceptual understanding about how collapses work (war is just another kind of collapse), please see my About page.

To really get a handle on the situation you need to take a look at some key article lists that I have created:

The Big Picture
What does history say?


I started to experiment with bean flour because my son won’t eat beans like pinto beans. I’m using Borlotti beans which are similar to pinto beans and actually are available over here in Switzerland. Just throw two cups of dry beans in a blender and blend away. You end up with bean flour. I use a sifter to remove the bigger particles then throw them back into the blender.

I ended up making tomato soup (1.2 liters) with four heaping tablespoons of bean flour. I blended the soup for good measure. Unfortunately, the bean flour made the soup really thick.

I ate a medium bowl of this soup at dinner. The taste was okay, but the thickness was a problem. I noticed that I have not been hungry for about 18 hours and counting after that bowl of soup. It feels like someone put a piece of lead in my stomach that is just sitting there. And I’ve lost all my hunger. I’ll have to test this out over the next few days to see how I feel.

Anyway, the soup recipe is not quite ready to feed to my son – who is not a big soup fan. Why not feed him bean soup? I just might.


I’ve been watching Sense8 on Netflix recently. This show is about eight people who are connected someway (the cluster) and can access each other’s brains. When one person needs help they can access the entire team. Do you need to be a fighting expert? Well, there is a kick-boxing  expert, a cop and an all around good fighter. They can take over your body when needed to get you out of trouble. Normally, a person in trouble converses with one or more members of the team even though the members are scattered all around the world.

Naturally, there is an organization out to get them – as in kill them. The cluster is currently going after the lead person who is after them.

Out of the eight in the cluster there is one gay guy and a transsexual. The transsexual was a guy named Michael but now goes by Nomi. She is white and has a black girlfriend. I guess that makes her a lesbian. I’m thinking why did he bother becoming a girl only to be a lesbian? Wouldn’t it have been a lot easier just remaining a guy? The actress playing Nomi is a trans person in real life too.

The gay guy plus transsexual represent 25% of the cluster. That’s odd. Everybody knows that homosexuals and transsexuals represent about 50 to 60% of the population. Oh wait, the real numbers are about 2 to 3%. Is somebody pushing an agenda? Just about every show my wife watches has gay and/or trans people in it.

You need to watch a few shows in order to understand what is happening. I like the show but hate the gay and transsexual sex scenes. There is some sexual tense between a few other members of the cluster. Two have physically gotten together and are now a couple. There seems to be quite a bit of tension between a German guy and an Indian girl. By tension I mean you know they want to be together. I’m guessing they will get together at some point in the show.


That’s it for today.