The Geopolitical Recession with Ian Bremmer – YouTube

“On the other hand, if you had asked me at any point in the last 10 years did I think that war between major powers was possible, in the near horizon, I would say no. And I can’t say that anymore.”

In the 30 years Eurasia Group president Ian Bremmer has been analyzing global events as a political scientist, he has never seen a moment in the world as dangerous as the one today in 2017. Is it time to panic?

In this clip, Carnegie Council’s Devin Stewart speaks with Bremmer about his company’s top political risk forecast for the coming year and how scenarios, such as conflict over North Korea, could lead to the first great power conflict in years. Bremmer warns that the world has entered a “geopolitical recession,” the likes of which we have not seen since World War II. “It’s time to worry,” concludes Bremmer.

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Clip of the Month: The Geopolitical Recession with Ian Bremmer – YouTube

What is a geopolitical recession?

It is the unwinding of the current international order. It is a transition state to something else.

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