Kremlin finds itself caught in loop of unending Trump scandals

A divided and unpredictable United States poses a distinct challenge and even a danger to all global players—not only Putin. Clearly, any attempts to build a stable working relationship between the Kremlin and the Trump White House will be an uphill job. Hopes to draw up a tacitly agreed-upon “Kissingerial” realpolitik division of spheres of domination in Eurasia seems a distant dream. Putin is understandably angry and must decide his next move: to either continue to wait for Trump to finally put his administration in order, or move ahead unilaterally to secure Russian interests as he understands them, disregarding the “schizophrenic America.”

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Putin Defends Trump and Ridicules His Enemies – Jamestown

The American schizophrenia is probably not going away anytime soon. This state of affairs in America suggests that Putin should “move ahead unilaterally to secure Russian interests.” But what exactly does that mean? Russian interests appear to be the old Soviet Union in the form of sphere of influence. The only real problem with that is the Baltic states are now members of Nato. 

A constantly schizophrenic America suggests that relations with Russia are probably going to get worse.