To Topple Kim Jong Un, Expel Chinese Children From U.S. Universities

Over at the Wall Street Journal, my old boss Bill McGurn has a great idea on how Trump can do just that :

If the first Duke of Wellington were alive today, he might advise that the battle for North Korea will be won or lost on Harvard Yard. Add Stanford, Yale, Dartmouth, Chicago and other top-tier private American universities so popular with China’s “red nobility” i.e., the children and grandchildren of Communist Chinese elites.

For if the Trump administration hopes to enlist an unwilling Beijing to check North Korea’s nuclear ambitions, visas for the children of China’s ruling class to attend these universities offer an excellent pressure point….

The advantage of starting with student visas is twofold: The unintended harm done would be more limited than any military strike, and visas are likely a more effective lever than sanctions.

Today 328,547 Chinese students attend American universities, according to the Institute for International Education. The Chinese represent the largest group of foreign students in America….

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The Chinese taste for prestigious American universities goes right to the top. Although President Xi Jinping rails against the corruption of Western values, his daughter went to Harvard, which Mr. Xi managed to swing on an official annual salary of roughly $20,000.

A few years back, the Washington Post noted that of the nine members of the standing committee of China’s Politburo, at least five had children or grandchildren studying in the US. There are many, many more.

This is a brilliant idea, and there is legal precedent for it. …

To Topple Kim Jong Un, Expel Chinese Children From U.S. Universities

I love that idea. It’s like sticking a fork into two things at once. And both deserve it. Hurt the Chinese and the U.S. universities.