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China’s Spy Network in United States Includes 25,000 Intelligence Officers

Guo said Americans need to understand that China is not ruled by a normal government.

“You should look at it [China] as a mafia-like organization,” he said.

Second, to understand China, Americans need to study the relatives of the ruling elite in China.

“Once you get to know the interests of these powerful individuals and also the family members, then you get to understand how the regime operates,” he said.

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Guo hopes the United States will wake up to the threat posed by China’s communist system and its plans to subvert the U.S.-led international order.

“If this relationship is not managed well, I think the whole of humanity will confront major problems,” he said. “The current approach adopted by the American ruling elite is tantamount to suicide.”

China’s Spy Network in United States Includes 25,000 Intelligence Officers

Russians Spying on U.S. Military Personnel Are Posing as Attractive Women on Facebook

Individuals working on behalf of the Russian state are “friending” U.S. service members on the social media site while posing as attractive young women in order to gather intelligence, according to a report from Politico released Monday. The actions are reported to be part of a widespread campaign targeting the U.S. military, one that also involves hacking and the spreading of pro-Russian fake news.

An ongoing investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election has included allegations that the Kremlin was behind online hacking and disinformation efforts, as well as collusion with members of President Donald Trump’s campaign. However, the “Fancy Bear” group of Russian military hackers thought to be responsible for the attack on the DNC have focused much of their attention on the military. Indeed, 41 percent of the group’s targets outside Russia and the former Soviet Union states have been current or former military members, according to a June 2016 analysis from SecureWorks Counter Threat Unit.

Russians Spying on U.S. Military Personnel Are Posing as Attractive Women on Facebook

British Role Confirmed in Trump Spying Scandal

A Special Report from the Accuracy in Media Center for Investigative Journalism; Cliff Kincaid, Director.

The British Guardian posted a report on April 13 claiming that its sources now admit that the British spy agency GCHQ was digitally wiretapping Trump associates, going back to late 2015. This was presumably when the December 2015 Moscow meeting between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lt. General Michael Flynn took place.

This runs contrary to the blanket nature of the denial insinuated in GCHQ’s carefully-crafted statement of March 17 claiming it was all “nonsense” and “utterly ridiculous” that they conducted surveillance of “then president-elect” Donald Trump (emphasis added). The surveillance went back a year before he became “president-elect.”

President Trump’s claim of being “wire tapped” has been vindicated. Indeed, the surveillance is far more extensive than even he suspected at the time.

Based on the new disclosures, we can safely conclude that the world’s most advanced and extensive system of computerized espionage was indeed used against him and people he worked with, for political purposes, with the knowledge and approval of top Obama officials such as CIA Director John Brennan (one major name implicated by the Guardian).

Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst, Judge Andrew Napolitano, who said GCHQ was involved in wiretapping Trump, has also vindicated. Fox News owes Napolitano an apology for yanking him off the air for a week for making that “controversial” and now-verified assertion.

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Chinese Military Prepares ‘To Throw Punches’ Over Spying | The Daily Caller

The Chinese military warns that China must be prepared to counter serious national security threats from foreign reconnaissance and surveillance activities.

China should be prepared “to throw a punch;” otherwise, it may be on the receiving end of “one hundred punches,” the PLA Daily, the primary publication of the People’s Liberation Army, asserts.

Several incidents have raised alarms in China.

Chinese Military Prepares ‘To Throw Punches’ Over Spying | The Daily Caller

Report: Chinese Spies Stole Pentagon Secrets

Chinese spies repeatedly infiltrated U.S. national security agencies, including official email accounts, and stole U.S. secrets on Pentagon war plans for a future conflict with China, according to a forthcoming congressional commission report.

“The United States faces a large and growing threat to its national security from Chinese intelligence collection operations,” states the late draft report of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission.

“Among the most serious threats are China’s efforts at cyber and human infiltration of U.S. national security entities.”

Report: Chinese Spies Stole Pentagon Secrets

Security experts claim a Chinese vessel tasked with finding MH370 is likely spying on us

A NUMBER of security experts have raised suspicions over a Chinese ship tasked with searching for Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, saying they’re more likely to be spying on Australian military activity.

But some experts have said it’s likely the Chinese have used it more as an opportunity to gain valuable intelligence about Australia’s naval operations, telling The Australian it would be monitoring the military activities of Australia and its allies.

“From my past intelligence experience I would be surprised if a vessel like the Dong Hai Jiu 101 did not have an intelligence collection role,” said Clive Williams, a former Australian Army officer who was Director of Security Intelligence.

MH370: Is China spying on Australia?

Protecting the Arsenal of Democracy from Insider Threat | The Cipher Brief

Beijing clearly sees its economic espionage as conflict by other means, a prelude to possible actual armed conflict.  The intent of that campaign is at once to boost the relative competitiveness of Chinese business and industry vis-à-vis American competitors and to deny the U.S. military the technological edge we would otherwise have enjoyed by stealing the industrial secrets and intellectual property that enable that advantage.

Further, as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has noted, while economic espionage has historically been directed against high technology and defense sector firms, no company; no matter how large or small; is immune to the threat.  And no state has been as deeply involved in such spying against us as China.

Should conflict with China actually occur, it would likely start with a small incident of Chinese aggression against our forces or those of an ally that rapidly escalates to a broader fight.  Whatever its cause, that conflict would almost certainly be very violent in character and short in duration, with the U.S. relying on forces immediately at hand to win it.  The professional skill of the U.S. military would grant us a distinct advantage in that fight.  But it is also apparent that the relative capabilities and technological sophistication of the weapons wielded by the likely protagonists would play a key, if not decisive, role in its outcome.

Protecting the Arsenal of Democracy from Insider Threat | The Cipher Brief

U.S. Steel Accuses China of Hacking – WSJ

U.S. Steel Corp. is alleging that Chinese government hackers stole proprietary methods for making lightweight steel on behalf of Chinese steel producers seeking to supply a bigger share of the U.S. auto-making market.

Pittsburgh-based U.S. Steel, in a complaint filed on Tuesday with the International Trade Commission, said a computer belonging to a Pittsburgh researcher was hacked in 2011, and that plans for developing new steel technology were stolen.

U.S. Steel Accuses China of Hacking – WSJ

Norway officially accusses China of stealing military secrets – SC Magazine

General Lt Morten Haga Lunde, head of the Norwegian intelligence agency E-tjenesten, has gone on the record to accuse China of involvement in cyber-espionage activities in the country, stating that threat actors in China have stolen confidential information from Norwegian companies which is now being used in Chinese military technology. The companies hit and technology stolen was not revealed. This is believed to be the first time this Nato government has unequivocally accused China – though with attribution in hacking being so difficult, threat actors in China could be taken to mean non-government Chinese hackers working with government sanction.

Norway officially accusses China of stealing military secrets – SC Magazine

Chinese Defector Reveals Beijing’s Secrets

A defector from China has revealed some of the innermost secrets of the Chinese government and military, including details of its nuclear command and control system, according to American intelligence officials.

Businessman Ling Wancheng disappeared from public view in California last year shortly after his brother, Ling Jihua, a former high-ranking official in the Communist Party, was arrested in China on corruption charges.

Ling Wancheng, the defector, has been undergoing a debrief by FBI, CIA, and other intelligence officials since last fall at a secret location in the United States, said officials familiar with details of the defection who spoke on condition of anonymity. The defector is said to be a target of covert Chinese agents seeking to capture or kill him.

Chinese Defector Reveals Beijing’s Secrets