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Russia Revives Nuclear Shelters as Cold War Heats Up – WSJ

Russian authorities have stepped up nuclear-war survival measures amid a showdown with Washington, dusting off Soviet-era civil-defense plans and upgrading bomb shelters in the biggest cities.

At the Kremlin’s Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Cold War is back.

The country recently held its biggest civil defense drills since the collapse of the U.S.S.R., with what officials said were 40 million people rehearsing a response to chemical and nuclear threats.

And when a Russian tabloid wrote that government officials had been asked to take their children back from the prestigious preparatory schools and universities they attend in Britain, France and the U.S., speculation swirled about preparation for all-out war with the U.S.

Russia Revives Nuclear Shelters as Cold War Heats Up – WSJ

Cold war 2.0: how Russia and the west reheated a historic struggle | World news | The Guardian

As chasm grows between a resurgent Russia and a divided US and Europe, diplomats say conflict is now more dangerous, with ‘no clear rules of the road’

The post-cold war era is over, and a new era has begun. Cold war 2.0, different in character, but potentially as menacing and founded not just on competing interests but competing values.

In Britain, the pre-eminent home for anti-Russian rhetoric since Cameron’s failed attempt at detente in 2011, Johnson has warned Russia that if it continues on its path it could be deemed a rogue nation.

Cold war 2.0: how Russia and the west reheated a historic struggle | World news | The Guardian

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Russia launches massive nuclear war training exercise with ’40 million people’ | The Independent

‘Schizophrenics from America are sharpening nuclear weapons for Moscow,’ says Russian government-run TV network

The Russian government has launched a nationwide civil defence training exercise to ensure the country is properly prepared in the event of a nuclear, chemical and biological attack from the West.

Russia launches massive nuclear war training exercise with ’40 million people’ | The Independent

Putin could be readying for war, calls Russians back to Motherland | New York Post

Russian President Vladimir Putin could be prepping for global war, in the wake of deteriorating relations with the United States and other Western countries, according to an incendiary new report.

Putin sent out an order to top Russian officials, politicians and their children across the world demanding that they return to the Motherland, the Daily Star claimed.

The order comes amid rising tensions with the US over Syria and Putin’s last-minute cancellation of a planned trip to Paris to meet with French President François Hollande.

Putin could be readying for war, calls Russians back to Motherland | New York Post

We are returning to a world of great-power rivalry

The first foreign policy priority of the next American president will be to work out how to avoid direct conflict with China or Russia. Both countries, in different ways, now challenge US dominance. War between the great powers is once again a possibility. For better or worse, we are returning to a world of great power balance.

Putting great power relations first will be unwelcome to many. Some will see it as an accommodation with unacceptable behaviour by undemocratic regimes but we have to treat the world as it is, not as we would like it to be. We cannot afford to stumble into a military conflict between the great powers.

We are returning to a world of great-power rivalry

Are Russia and America Headed Towards a Nuclear War? | The National Interest Blog

“Is this a return to the Cold War?” … “I think it’s more dangerous than that.”

“Is this a return to the Cold War?” Gen. Sir Richard Shirreff, former deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe told an audience at the Brookings Institution on Oct. 19. “I think it’s more dangerous than that.”

Indeed, in Shirreff’s view, Russia already believes itself to be at war with the United States. He cites evidence of Russian hacking into the U.S. government entities and attempts to influence the American electoral process as part of Moscow’s new war against the Washington. “Arguably, Russia thinks of itself at war with America already,” Shirreff said. “The hacking of Democratic Party emails in order to destabilize, undermine the integrity of an election a potentially a target state, that could be construed, I think, as an act of 21st Century warfare.”

Are Russia and America Headed Towards a Nuclear War? | The National Interest Blog

Is armed conflict with Russia a real possibility?

We are returning to a world of great-power rivalry

What happens when two great powers get into some kind of conflict within each other? From history we know that when this happens the probability of war is very high. The probability varies depending on how one counts. Below is one way.

Great power rivalries in history:

  1. War: Spain versus Holland in the 16th century.
  2. War: Holland versus England in the 17th century.
  3. War: Britain versus France in both the 18th and 19th centuries.
  4. War: France and Britain versus Germany in the 20th century.
  5. War: Germany versus Russia in 1914.
  6. War: Germany versus Russia (Soviet Union) in 1941.
  7. No War: Soviet Union versus the US and its allies in the Cold War after 1945.

Some people are going to object to this list. There are other lists which show the probability of war being a little lower, but they all show the probability of war being about 75% or higher. And I’ve shown in the past that the probability of war is really a lot closer to 100% than it is to 75%.

The threat from Russia | The Economist

Every week Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, finds new ways to scare the world. Recently he moved nuclear-capable missiles close to Poland and Lithuania. This week he sent an aircraft-carrier group down the North Sea and the English Channel. He has threatened to shoot down any American plane that attacks the forces of Syria’s despot, Bashar al-Assad. Russia’s UN envoy has said that relations with America are at their tensest in 40 years. Russian television news is full of ballistic missiles and bomb shelters. “Impudent behaviour” might have “nuclear consequences”, warns Dmitry Kiselev, Mr Putin’s propagandist-in-chief—who goes on to cite Mr Putin’s words that “If a fight is inevitable, you have to strike first.”

As our special report this week sets out, Russia confronts grave problems in its economy, politics and society. …

The threat from Russia | The Economist

Russia Basically Just Set Up Putin Youth Camps | The Daily Caller

Russian President Vladimir Putin is mandating curriculum across Russia that gives teens weapons training and emphasizes religion, in a bid to foster increased patriotism.

Children as young as 11 are learning how to assemble and disassemble rifles, and to don biohazard suits in the event of a nuclear attack. The cold-war era instruction, comes after a decree by Putin to create a nationwide Russian students movement. The decree ostensibly hopes to “help form the characters” of adolescents, and instill love for Russian society.

Russia Basically Just Set Up Putin Youth Camps | The Daily Caller

Putin’s dangerous games in the Baltic

“… we are all convinced — that he’s [Putin] slightly crazy.”

If we all think Putin is slightly crazy, is he crazy enough to take on the Baltics? That’s the key question that the article poses.

But this logic assumes that all the problems we are having with Russia sprung up out of thin air. Do they not understand that Putin has been preparing for a confrontation with the West since he took office? The confrontation is all about regaining in some form the sphere of influence of the old Soviet Union. And all along Putin knew that this process might very well lead to war (nuclear war) with the West. Yet here we are. Putin knew there was a good chance of nuclear war, but he proceeded anyway.

What does this tell you?

Putin is crazy enough to take on the Baltics. He’s not just a little crazy. He’s a cunning psychopath fully capable of escalating a situation all the way up to and including nuclear war. Obviously, he would rather not escalate up to a nuclear war. He would prefer that the West just gives up. But if it doesn’t then expect nuclear war.

The West is utterly unprepared for someone like Putin. It should just give up the Baltics to Putin. The US should pull out of NATO and go home. Russia wins.

Is the Russian president really crazy enough to launch a new wave of invasions, or is it all a clever bluff?

A Russian invasion of Estonia and-Latvia would be complete in as little as 36 hours, according to a study by the Rand Corporation for the Pentagon. Russian tanks would be rumbling through Tallinn and Riga before Nato could so much as convene an emergency meeting to invoke Article 5 of its charter for mutual defence. The Rand study showed that it would take more than a week for Nato to get its tanks to the Baltics from Germany in response. By then it would all be over.So Nato has decided to send four battalions of troops to the Baltics, including one from Britain — exactly the kind of reinforcement that General Shirreff wants. The Baltic states have welcomed this.

‘If Putin did move into the Baltic states, that is probably the end of Nato,’ he said. ‘How certain are we that the alliance-really would invoke Article 5? The defence of Europe has depended on the certainty that America would come to the aid of a Nato member if attacked. But Germany? France? Italy? The UK? To recapture the Baltics would take massive military force, the like of which we haven’t seen since Overlord or Desert Storm. It’s difficult to see how Nato could summon the will or the capability.’

Putin knows perfectly well that going to war with the West — in Syria or the-Baltics — would be a disaster. ‘So he’ll want to-prevent that and one of the ways he prevents it is by convincing us all — and we are all convinced — that he’s slightly crazy.’

Putin’s dangerous games in the Baltic

When you are stupid and unprepared, sometimes the best strategy is to cut your losses short. Acknowledge defeat and go home.

Russia’s nuclear brinksmanship alarms national security experts |

However, an emboldened Vladimir Putin has of late shown an increasing willingness to tie disputes over nuclear policy to other, unrelated disputes, a move that alarms many national security experts on both ends of the political spectrum, some of whom believe that Russia is attempting to intentionally provoke a conflict with the United States. As reported by, advisors to the current administration are sounding the alarm, and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is taking their cues:

“It very much feels like we are entering a very troubled and dangerous phase in this bilateral relationship,“ said Julianne Smith, a former senior Pentagon official who oversaw NATO policy and a former senior advisor to Vice President Joe Biden. “The next president will face some big strategic choices,” said Smith, who now advises Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Europe and Russia. . .

Following the failure of the Obama administration’s bid to “reset” policy with the Kremlin and capped by Putin’s return to the presidency in 2012, Russia has increasingly insisted on linking disparate issues, refusing to cooperate even on areas of common interest in order to pressure Washington on other disputes. That’s the opposite of how things worked in the era of superpower detente in the 1970s, when both countries obeyed clear boundaries and unwritten rules. Decisions on nuclear weapons, in particular, were kept apart from other issues and disputes around the globe.

The Kremlin jettisoned that approach after its annexation of Crimea in 2014 and its intervention in Syria in 2015, marking a definitive departure for Moscow and Washington, which had managed to wall off areas of disagreement from arms control cooperation.

Conservative talk-radio personality and former CIA officer Buck Sexton agrees that Russia is intentionally brandishing its nuclear arsenal in an attempt to bolster its global influence. When reached for comment, Sexton told TheBlaze:

Russia’s nuclear brinksmanship alarms national security experts |

Once you reach a tipping point, then time really becomes a noticeable enemy. Going forward with Russia, we will notice that Russia is very sensitive to everything – by blowing things out of proportion. This is more evidence that an actual nuclear war is not too far off into the future.

Russia Is Building Fallout Shelters to Prepare for a Potential Nuclear Strike – The Daily Beast

Russia’s preparing for war. Is this self-defense, an implied threat to the West, an excuse for political repression, or all of the above?

The last time Russians heard authorities talk like this about a potential mobilization for a nuclear strike was 20 years ago, and it all seemed highly improbable. Now, it appears, the Kremlin is not joking. Up to 40 million people participated in the recent civil defense exercises all across the country, learning about how to hide and where exactly to run to in case of a nuclear war.

But whether the motive behind this is self-defense, an implied threat to the West, a means to mobilize and control public opinion, or all of the above, is not entirely clear.

Russia Is Building Fallout Shelters to Prepare for a Potential Nuclear Strike – The Daily Beast

Russia’s War With The US Isn’t A Possibility, It’s Here | The Daily Caller

“There are certain modes of conflict going on now,” Peter Singer, a strategist and senior fellow specializing in modern security threats at New America, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. The current conflict between the U.S. and Russia may not fit a traditional definition of war, but it is a conflict nonetheless, he added.

The Pentagon spends massive resources and manpower on preparing for a potential conflicts in every part of the world, which it plans in phases from one to five. Phase One involves the events leading up to military action, followed by the action itself in Phase Two, which leads to major combat in Phase Three, stabilization efforts in Phase Four, finally ending with civilian control in Phase Five. It is only in the last ten years that the Pentagon has explored another phase of conflict, Phase Zero, or military operations that can act as preventative measures for future conflicts.

Russia’s War With The US Isn’t A Possibility, It’s Here | The Daily Caller

After the Russian revolution in 1991, Russian leaders were quietly working to get back the Soviet Union. That most likely means a sphere of influence over the area of the old Soviet Union. These leaders also knew that there could very well be war – nuclear war. They quietly worked for many years to position themselves to defeat America in a nuclear war.

Putin is good at taking advantage of events coming his way – Crimea and Ukraine. Or he will work to create an excuse – Georgia. The process of re-establishing hegemony over it’s perceived sphere of influence started with Georgia. Putin effectively threatened nuclear attack against any country helping Georgia. That was back in 2008 during the Russian-Georgia war, and a good clue of what would be coming in the future.

Moscow has issued an extraordinary warning to the West that military assistance to Georgia for use against South Ossetia or Abkhazia would be viewed as a “declaration of war” by Russia.

Military help for Georgia is a ‘declaration of war’, says Moscow in extraordinary warning to the West

We are in a slow moving low-level conflict with Russia, and I might add, China too.

Prof Austin, who has a 30-year career in international security affairs, said it was fair to say there were worrying signs of conflict everywhere.

Russia, China, US: Are WW3 and Cold War 2 on the cards? | 1913 Intel

This is what I wrote back in January 2012:

The most recent threats of nuclear war come from the Russian foreign minister. Foreign minister Sergey Lavrov is threatening a “very big war” with “suffering across the world” if the west encourages anti-government uprisings in the Middle East and North Africa.

Russian threats of nuclear attack started out in Georgia back in 2008. These threats expanded to the trans-Caspian gas pipeline. Then they moved onto the expansion of NATO. Then onto Iran and Syria. Now these threats have expanded onto the entire Middle East and North Africa. Does anybody see a problem here?

Russian Threats of Nuclear War Grow Louder | 1913 Intel

During all of this the US just slept. Utterly clueless about what would be coming. Notice the problem areas: Georgia, NATO expansion, NATO missile defense, Crimea, Ukraine, Iran, Syria, the entire Middle East and North Africa. There is also western sanctions against Russia.

What about the Russian reaction to the West?

Russia just moved nuclear tipped Iskander missiles into Kaliningrad. There’s Russian meddling in US elections through cyber and information warfare. And there are Russian threats of nuclear war:

In my opinion, we are approaching the end game: Nuclear war. I still think we have a year or two before it actually happens. But this estimate is subject to change depending on events. I’m looking at May 2018 with a triggering event in 2017. I hope I am wrong about this.

Analysts: Russia is ready for war – Israel National News

US, Russia inability to do right in Syria may be a symptom of a bigger problem, analysts say.

State television threatens the West with nuclear weapons, the Kremlin halts a disarmament treaty, the army warns of shooting down US jets. As ties between Russia and the West have once again slumped, rhetoric in Moscow has peaked.

“Relations between Russia and the US, and the West in general, have been dragged down to the bottom, to a level below which it is difficult to fall,” Konstantin Kalachev, the head of the Moscow-based Political Expert Group think tank, told AFP.

“Russia went further, turning a local breakdown in bilateral relations into a global one,” wrote Alexander Baunov from the Carnegie Moscow Center.

Quickly Russia’s slavish state TV and attack-dog spokespeople picked up the baton.

On his weekly Sunday night show, leading presenter Dmitry Kiselyov menaced that any aggression from the West towards Russia had a “nuclear dimension.”

Coincidence or not, the spike in rhetoric came as Russia held a series of events that seemed to suggest the country was gearing up for war.

Analysts: Russia is ready for war – Israel National News