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You don’t have to be stupid to work here, but it helps | Aeon Essays

Organisations hire smart people, but then positively encourage them not to use their intelligence. Asking difficult questions or thinking in greater depth is seen as a dangerous waste. Talented employees quickly learn to use their significant intellectual gifts only in the most narrow and myopic ways.

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Those who learn how to switch off their brains are rewarded. By avoiding thinking too much, they are able to focus on getting things done. Escaping the kind of uncomfortable questions that thinking brings to light also allows employees to side-step conflict with co-workers. By toeing the corporate line, thoughtless employees get seen as ‘leadership material’ and promoted. Smart people quickly learn that getting ahead means switching off their brains as soon as they step into the office.

You don’t have to be stupid to work here, but it helps | Aeon Essays

Scientists have been caught manipulating data too many times — Quartz

Now it appears even scientists, among the most trusted professionals in the world, have fallen to abusing metrics. A new analysis of 60 years’ worth of studies in the behavioral sciences found that poor methods have flourished in academia because scientists, under pressure to publish to advance their careers, have focused on the metric of how many papers they put out.

There have been other bad practices too. Pushing negative results under the rug has created a skewed perception of our world. Lack of self-policing has helped high-profile scientific frauds to flourish. Cozying up with industry has biased our understanding of everything from prescription drugs to government policy.

Scientists have been caught manipulating data too many times. They must mend their ways before they lose public’s trust — Quartz

A skyrocketing number of students are seeking crisis counseling at Eastern Carolina University

“It felt like something very different was going on — a lack of resiliency and the ability to cope.”

Some say this generation of college students is having a difficult time “adulting” — a slang term for behaving like a responsible adult.

But ECU officials say the problem is deeper, about resilience, and it begins long before they arrive at college.

“They say the millennials have failed, but have not experienced [that] failure,” said ECU Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Virginia Hardy.

“They have received a lot of recognition for participation and all get something for being involved,” she told NBC News. “But they didn’t have to manage the emotions that come with not being successful.”

‘Adulting’ Program Teaches College Students Coping Skills

Whistleblower sues Duke, claims doctored data helped win $200 million in grants | Science | AAAS

On a Friday in March 2013, a researcher working in the lab of a prominent pulmonary scientist at Duke University in Durham, North Carolina, was arrested on charges of embezzlement. The researcher, biologist Erin Potts-Kant, later pled guilty to siphoning more than $25,000 from the Duke University Health System, buying merchandise from Amazon, Walmart, and Target—even faking receipts to legitimize her purchases. A state judge ultimately levied a fine, and sentenced her to probation and community service.

Then Potts-Kant’s troubles got worse. Duke officials took a closer look at her work and didn’t like what they saw. Fifteen of her papers, mostly dealing with pulmonary biology, have now been retracted, with many notices citing “unreliable” data. Several others have been modified with either partial retractions, expressions of concern, or corrections. And last month, a U.S. district court unsealed a whistleblower lawsuit filed by a former colleague of Potts-Kant. It accuses the researcher, her former supervisor, and the university of including fraudulent data in applications and reports involving more than 60 grants worth some $200 million. If successful, the suit—brought under the federal False Claims Act (FCA)—could force Duke to return to the government up to three times the amount of any ill-gotten funds, and produce a multimillion-dollar payout to the whistleblower.

Whistleblower sues Duke, claims doctored data helped win $200 million in grants | Science | AAAS

Why is Immigration so Critically Important to Liberals

Why is it that the mere mention of shutting off illegal immigration and even some legal immigration sends liberals into a frothing fit? We’re talking about the immigration of people who don’t live in America and have no American rights. What’s the big deal if we shut it off? Well, it really is no big deal. Unless there is something else going on. And there is indeed something else going on.

Immigration from second world and third world countries is nothing less than the cornerstone of a strategy to transform the West. I am talking about the equality of nations. A critical component of liberal strategy is the equality of all things. Primarily this consists of the equality of nations and equality of groups within each nation.

If you flood the West with poor second world and third world people, then they can help transform the West into something a lot closer to the second world and third world. Muslim immigrants are particularly important. Christianity is still a problem in the West. Christians follow a different boss. Muslims can help to undermine Christianity.

Feminism and the push for equality is the second most critical component for liberals. Listen closely and you will notice that equality does not mean equality of opportunity. It means equality of outcome – for all groups. The modern feminist movement is a declaration of war on the West and men, and a push for communism.

Donald Trump explained his immigration policy in Arizona after meeting Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto, and it’s all about protecting white power — Quartz

Donald Trump’s big plan to make America great again, it turns out, is simply to keep America white. And the key to doing that is through a radical reworking of immigration policy, as Trump made clear in a speech in Arizona last night.

How can you tell? Trump’s policies aren’t about jobs, or safety, but simply getting as many brown people out of the country as quickly as possible.

Donald Trump explained his immigration policy in Arizona after meeting Mexico’s president Enrique Peña Nieto, and it’s all about protecting white power — Quartz

Apparently, shutting down immigration is a push for white power, but the reverse is not a push for brown power. Immigration policy as advocated by liberals is a way to use poor immigrants to keep the liberals in power and transform the West.

The overall reason to transform the West is utopia: The elimination of war and poverty. The strategy won’t work. It is seriously delusional. But that’s the strategy nevertheless.

One model of the world I use is the snowing mountain model. As the snow builds up on a daily basis there is an illusion of stability. Then the snow reaches a tipping point after a long period of time, and it sits at this point for some time. Finally, some small thing comes along and causes an avalanche. However, the avalanche is the not problem. The avalanche is the solution. The problem is too much snow.

In the world today we see the West (primarily the US), Russia and China on a path to war. War would be the equivalent of the snow avalanche. Which means war is the solution, but what is the problem?

The problem is the push to utopia by liberals in the West. This is completely undermining the ability of the West to defend itself. Everyone is so convinced that a big war is impossible that the disarming of the West is no big deal. Immigration is one critical component in the push to utopia which is causing a lot of problems and distractions for the people.

The first place to fight liberals is in immigration. Shut down all immigration of poor immigrants, Muslim immigrants and illegal immigrants.

The next stop would be a declaration of war against modern feminism and equal outcome. Yes to equal opportunity, and no to any kind of forced equal outcome. Equal outcome must be earned. Shutting down government aid to students might be one way to effectively fight feminists.

So there you go. That was my take on the bigger picture surrounding the immigration debate.

How We Killed the Tea Party – POLITICO Magazine

What began as an organic, policy-driven grass-roots movement was drained of its vitality and resources by national political action committees that dunned the movement’s true believers endlessly for money to support its candidates and causes. The PACs used that money first to enrich themselves and their vendors and then deployed most of the rest to search for more “prospects.” In Tea Party world, that meant mostly older, technologically unsavvy people willing to divulge personal information through “petitions”—which only made them prey to further attempts to lighten their wallets for what they believed was a good cause. While the solicitations continue, the audience has greatly diminished because of a lack of policy results and changing political winds.

How We Killed the Tea Party – POLITICO Magazine

Must See Warning Sign: Blood Moon Over NYC World Trade Center

The Freedom Fighter Times channel regularly posts videos on YouTube and its website claim natural and other disasters are an imminent sign of the Rapture and Second Coming of Christ.

Jennifer Khordi, from New Jersey, was 25 miles away when she snapped these incredible images of Manhattan and the blood-red moon on Tuesday.

Describing the sight as “one of the most amazing things I have ever seen”, the semi-professional snapper shared her pictures on Instagram and Facebook.

SHOCKING CLAIM: Blood Moon over New York was ‘warning of earthquakes and worse to come’ | Weird | News | Daily Express

Why the Public Should Mistrust Science

In essence, she answers her own question. Reasonable people distrust science because of the way scientists treat them.

The truth is that many scientists pick political sides, look down their noses at the public, and play politically correct games. I think the public is on to something. I wouldn’t trust us either.

The condescension is the worst part. Many research scientists who fret and wail about public ignorance live off the public dime. Our microscopes, our labs, our pipettes and our particle colliders are bought with taxpayers’ money. They pay our salaries too.

So when we tell them how stupid they are, how ignorant and backward and wrong they are, why shouldn’t they be angry? Belittling someone in an argument never wins his support. How much more arrogant and foolish is it to belittle the people who write your paycheck?

Why the Public Should Mistrust Science

How A War Hero Launched A War On Bad Math Instruction

He retired from the military in 1970, and accepted a part-time night job teaching algebra at Oscar Rose Junior College near Norman, Oklahoma, in 1971. Having taught at the U.S. Air Force Academy and as a military flight instructor, Saxon said he gave his first class a “beautiful explanation” on how to solve a problem. Twenty minutes later, the students couldn’t work a similar problem. They couldn’t remember the steps. After several efforts to teach more beautiful explanations, he coined one of his later mantras: “Beautiful explanations do not lead to understanding.”

He was stunned by his students’ lack of basic math skills. He knew they needed solid knowledge of algebra to advance to higher learning in college courses. Back in his office, he threw the textbook against the wall. He had to figure out how to help his students.

Finally, one day a young woman in his class asked if he would create a paper that would help her understand the procedures step-by-step so she could use those when doing her homework. Other students wanted the worksheets. He found they needed to practice the procedures over a period of days, then repeat that practice several days later and then several days later again. They also needed to learn parts of a concept in incremental steps over several days or even weeks instead of trying to swallow it like a “hunk”—the way chapter books present it.

In the process of making worksheets with his “incremental learning” and “continuous review,” he realized he had created two manuscripts the college print shop could collate. The paperback books were titled “Incremental Algebra” and “Intermediate Algebra” and sold for $7.65.

How A War Hero Launched A War On Bad Math Instruction