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How to Buy Gold

A few dealers that have an established reputation are:

• Premiums are fair and the selection is usually quite good. They have offices in both New York and Montreal.
•Asset Strategies International Inc. ( This dealer is located in Rockville, MD. Asset Strategies also offers gold storage options outside U.S. borders.

Another option to acquire paper gold is through Perth Mint Certificates (PMC). Locked away in a vault and insured, this is the only bullion-storage program that is government-backed, with the state of Western Australia standing firmly behind it.

You’ll need to commit at least $10,000 to get started in PMCs. There are also small-but-reasonable fees to obtain your certificate and trade your holdings. It’s also a great way to gain some international diversification for your gold holdings, by owning it outside of your home country. For more info go to (note that Kitco and Asset Strategies also offer the PMCs).

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I really like the Perth Mint option. Since we’re on the topic of Perth Mint [See Wikipedia article on the Perth Mint], what is Perth, Australia like?

Doing Perth on two wheels – Winnipeg Free Press

I pinch myself, hardly believing my luck. This is my first day in Perth. Having joined my husband, who is working in Western Australia, I now have two months with little to do but explore this fabulous city.

The Swan River winds its way through Perth’s urban centre, surrounded by endless parks, and the suburbs extend out south and north along several kilometres of white-sand beaches. It is a livable city, with subway trains reaching to the outer communities and free buses moving people within the congested centre.

Doing Perth on two wheels – Winnipeg Free Press

Options for Storing Precious Metals [Gold] | Scoop News

With prices for gold denominated in U.S. dollars at high levels, increasing discomfort with prolonged global financial market uncertainties and increasing recognition of the risks inherent in investment in precious metals ETFs, the demand for precious metals storage services is growing. Witness a recent Financial Times article reproduced on the Gold Anti-Trust Action site entitled “Banks Set New Store on Building Gold Vaults.” At the same time, however, some banks reportedly are shedding their smaller, non-institutional clients in order to concentrate on more lucrative institutional customers. See, e.g., a recent Telegraph article, “HSBC Starts Gold Rush as It Kicks Small Clients Out of its Vaults.”

Real Deal: Options for Storing Precious Metals | Scoop News

ROI: Is Gold the Next Bubble? –

This time it really is different. Really! Gold is headed a lot higher – $10,000 per ounce or more.

So why is this time different? It’s different because of the type of economic problem that many countries are experiencing – excessive debt. Based on historical experience, when a country gets into excessive debt trouble it can take 6 to 7 years before things turn around. Now we see excessive debt trouble in the US, Europe, Japan and even China. Due to this excessive debt, people will be seeking the safety of gold.

It’s a good idea to allocation about 25% of your funds to gold. A good place to buy gold is at the Perth Mint in Perth, Australia. This is literally located at end of the world. It will store your gold too.

It’s been the amazing, runaway boom of the past decade. If you’d put your money into gold at the lows about 10 years ago, you’d have made a nearly 400% return. That’s left pretty much everything else—stocks, China, let alone housing—in the dust.

But with gold now trading near record highs, the big $1,200-an-ounce question is obvious.

Is the gold rush over?

ROI: Is Gold the Next Bubble? –

How to be a War Profiteer | Family Security Matters

The article discusses why the Middle East is headed for war very soon – in months, not years. The article says to buy oil and gold before the war starts this summer.

Here’s how I would make money from this: Short the S&P 500 and buy gold. You can short the S&P 500 by buying a 2x inverse mutual fund like RYTPX as an example. It goes up or down at twice the rate of the S&P 500. If the S&P 500 drops then you win. If it goes up then you lose. You have to bet correctly to win.

It is likely that the next Middle East war will go nuclear. What do you think the S&P 500 is going to do if the Middle East goes nuclear? What do you think gold will do?

What about gold? Consider buying a gold mutual fund that actually buys gold, not stock in gold mining companies. Here are some 2x leveraged gold funds to consider:

The above gold funds move up or down at twice the rate of gold.

Overall, your options are to buy oil and gold, then short the S&P 500.

One last comment. The days of buy and hold are over. If you do not monitor your investment portfolio then you are going to be in trouble.

[Please note that the above comments do constitute investment advise. I am simply explaining what I would do. I do not have a license to provide investment advise.]

War is coming to the Middle East. When? If the Obama administration’s view of Iran and Syria does not change dramatically the first shots will be fired within months, not years. That war means the children of American citizens will fight in yet another war and the price of gasoline will hit the ceiling. Of course, savvy companies and investors will make a lot of money.

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Peter Schiff: Emigration may, unfortunately, be the best option for the average American

Peters newest book, soon to be available, is How An Economy Grows and Why It Crashes. It is an extended and updated version of his father, Irwin Schiffs, original and humorous cartoon book, The Kingdom of Moltz. Lew has always loved the book as an introduction to Austrian economics. Peters new version will expand to lampoon people like Obama and Bernanke.

Lew asks Peter what is ahead for our economy. Peter says there is no chance for a real recovery, and strikes out at the newest bubble a government bubble. Just what does that mean with $2 billion in new bonds looking for purchasers, while $2-3 trillion in older bonds are about to mature?

Rockwell asks what the average guy should do. Emigrate? And, is it true that the US forces citizens to pay to get rid of their citizenship status?

What has been the governments role in increased college tuitions? The feds have really helped students by making it impossible to work your way through college. Obama is making things worse, but the gold-plated debt university is not sustainable, and thank goodness.

Lew asks Peter about his political race in Connecticut. Peter bemoans the enormity of our present size and scope of government and warns that the spending must cease. We can and must reform really reform.

The 3 most IMMINENT disasters. How to survive …

Of all the major disasters and threats to your security ahead — and all the major profit opportunities — three stand out as the most imminent of all:

Disaster #1: America’s Empire of Debt. If you think Americans are living a normal life, think again. Our entire consumer economy, lifestyle, livelihood — and nearly all or wealth — is predicated on one thing: DEBT.

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Gravest Dangers and Greatest Profits

We now face the gravest financial dangers — and the greatest profit opportunities — in two generations.

But before I tell you about what the future could bring, let me tell you how my family and I have come to this place and time.

Over a half century ago, my father founded our Sound Dollar Committee, a nonprofit organization with a clear mission — to promote a balanced budget, avoid the erosion of America’s credit, and defend the U.S. dollar.

And nearly four decades ago, I founded my company, Weiss Research, with a parallel goal — to help protect investors from the consequences and be there for you in case the Sound Dollar Committee failed in its mission.

Today, I look back on those years with both pride and regret.

In its first major endeavor, our Sound Dollar Committee led a nationwide grassroots movement of historic dimensions. It motivated 11 million Americans to write, phone, or send telegrams to Washington, protesting fiscal imprudence and demanding a balanced budget.

And for a short time, we transformed Washington. We won a major victory in Congress. We helped President Eisenhower deliver the last true balanced budget — without smoke and mirrors — of our lifetime. We thought we had won the war for the safety of our financial future.

However, in the years that ensued, not only did we fight fewer battles, but we also lost every one.

We lost the battle with President Johnson, whose guns-and-butter spending gutted the budget and set the stage for bigger fiscal troubles under future presidents.

We lost against President Nixon, who abandoned gold and devalued the dollar.

And we lost with virtually every American president thereafter — each pursuing different political agendas, each digging us into the same, deepening hole.

We — and others more illustrious than us — failed. And as Dad said before he died …

Irving Weiss

“The Consequences of Our
Failure Could Be Catastrophic.”
— J. Irving Weiss, Founder
Sound Dollar Committee

Just 35 days ago, Obama’s Office of Budget and Management (OMB) calmly proposed the greatest fiscal nightmare of all time — a $1.6 trillion deficit for 2010, another $1.3 trillion in red ink for 2011, and continuing massive deficits until 2020.

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Nine Shocking New Predictions for 2010-2012

Prediction #1: Starting this year, most U.S. stocks are likely to fall in a zigzag pattern for nearly three long years!

Prediction #2: Gold will skyrocket far higher than $2,000 per ounce by the end of 2011.

Prediction #3: The U.S. Dollar Index will begin to sink in 2010 and will not hit bottom until early 2012.

Prediction #4: Most commodities will not make new, all-time highs!

Prediction #5: The U.S. economy will suffer a severe double-dip recession in 2011!

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