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Political Islam Explained by Bill Warner (part 1 of 2) – YouTube

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Political Islam Explained by Bill Warner (part 1 of 2) – YouTube

Islamists Infiltrate the Swedish Government

  • The library in Arvika surprised patrons by offering Arabic language courses. Many Swedes wondered if offering courses in Swedish to the Arabic-speaking immigrants would not be more productive. The library, however, does not offer any such service.

  • The Immigration Service released a new report on April 8, entitled “Are You Married?”, which showed how its own case officers allow child marriages.

  • Swedish authorities have approved hundreds of polygamous marriages among immigrants, law professor Göran Lind revealed on April 4.

  • An asylum seeker was arrested April 23 for kicking his wife in the head, among other things. According to police, the man became angry with his wife because she was trying to learn Swedish.

Islamists Infiltrate the Swedish Government

The Truth About The Crusades

Bill Warner, PhD: Jihad vs Crusades

The Truth About The Crusades

Were the Crusades an unprovoked act of aggression on behalf of bloodthirsty Christians? Did the First Crusade mark the beginning of close to a millennium of hostility between Christianity and Islam, or did the conflict begin centuries earlier?

Stefan Molyneux takes a closer look at the historical background of the Crusades and presents shocking information that is often hidden from the general population. What is the truth about the origins of the Crusades?


The Truth About The Crusades – YouTube

Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Criticism of Islam Angers Western Liberals | Observer

She courageously battles the Left’s comfortable narrative of the Muslim world

With an estimated 140 million girls and women throughout the world subjected to genital mutilation, with thousands murdered each year in so-called “honor killings” and untold millions forced to marry against their will, one would suppose that Ms. Hirsi Ali—the world’s preeminent critic of these practices and advocate on behalf of their victims—would be universally hailed by those who style themselves as progressives. Since Ms. Hirsi Ali’s advocacy for women has meant that she has lived under death threats for over a decade, one would be the more justified in imagining that she would be regarded as a hero by progressives everywhere. But despite a body of work as a parliamentarian, a writer and as head of a foundation that is devoted to the protection of women and has earned her recognition by TIME Magazine as one of the 100 most important people on the planet, Ms. Hirsi Ali finds herself the object of vitriol by some on the left, who cannot bear her for this reason: She is critical of Islam and what she sees in the Muslim world as not only an indulgence in violence but a practice of justifying it. Ms. Hirsi Ali says unapologetically that in Islam there exists a “culture of misogyny [that] needs to be addressed quickly and frankly, and we must not censor ourselves.”

More perplexing to Ms. Hirsi Ali is the hostility leveled at her by some on the left for her efforts to challenge Islamic law and teachings. These critics profess to care about women’s rights but cannot bring themselves to criticize those who trample on them as long as the misogynist possesses an address in the Muslim world. At a recent panel held at the Women in the World summit in New York, the moderator accused Ms. Hirsi Ali of “picking only on Islam.” She countered: “I embrace Muslims but I reject Islamic law … because it’s totalitarian, because it’s bigoted and especially bigoted against women.” The anger she stirs on the left confounds her. “You have to ask yourself why anyone would align with proponents of Islamic law,” she says with wonder.

Why Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s Criticism of Islam Angers Western Liberals | Observer

She is messing with their narrative. And that is …

  1. All religions are equal with none better than any other.
  2. All people are basically good. Bad behavior is only caused by being provoked in some form.

Anything that does not fit the narrative is ignored. Anyone who insists that the narrative is wrong will be attacked.

Liberals like Islam because it can help to undermine Christianity and the western world. Why else would Germany allow over a million Muslim refugees (most of whom are young men) into the country? All they had to do was look at Sweden, the rape capitol of Europe thanks to Muslim immigrants. The number one priority for liberals is completely upending Christianity and the western way of life.

Swedish minister calls 9/11 attacks ‘accidents’ | Fox News

Romson said when Kaplan was the chairman of a Muslim youth organization he faced difficult situations “like the Sept. 11 accidents and such.” Romson was talking on SVT’s show “Gomorron Sverige” (“Good Morning Sweden”), according to the Local.

Kaplan resigned Monday after comparing Israel’s treatment of Palestinians to Nazi oppression of Jews.

Romson was quickly scrutinized for her words.

“Did Romson just call 9/11 ‘the September 11th accidents’ on SVT?? In that case, talk about reducing (the significance) of one of the world’s biggest terror attacks,” tweeted defense expert Johanne Hildebrandt, according to the New York Post.

Swedish minister calls 9/11 attacks ‘accidents’ | Fox News

Welcome to Sweden

The enlightened Swedes are just 20 years ahead of the rest of us.

Islamic Inbreeding: How 3% of births in Britain causes 33% of birth defects

Sadly, the facts speak for themselves. British Pakistanis, half of whom marry a first cousin (a figure that is universally agreed), are 13 times more likely to produce children with genetic disorders than the general population, according to Government-sponsored research.

One in ten children from these cousin marriages either dies in infancy or develops a serious life-threatening disability.  

While British Pakistanis account for three per cent of the births in this country, they are responsible for 33 per cent of the 15,000 to 20,000 children born each year with genetic defects.

The vast majority of problems are caused by recessive gene disorders, according to London’s Genetic Interest Group, which advises affected families.

It’s time to confront this taboo: First cousin marriages in Muslim communities are putting hundreds of children at risk | Daily Mail Online

The problem is that Muslims often marry their first cousin. This practice is acceptable because Mohammad did it. Mohammad is the model of perfection, and all Muslims are to follow his practices.

Saudi Arabia Awakes to the Perils of Inbreeding –

Across the Arab world today an average of 45 percent of married couples are related, according to Dr. Nadia Sakati, a pediatrician and senior consultant for the genetics research center at King Faisal Specialist Hospital in Riyadh.

In some parts of Saudi Arabia, particularly in the south, where Mrs. Hefthi was raised, the rate of marriage among blood relatives ranges from 55 to 70 percent, among the highest rates in the world, according to the Saudi government.

Widespread inbreeding in Saudi Arabia has produced several genetic disorders, Saudi public health officials said, including the blood diseases of thalassemia, a potentially fatal hemoglobin deficiency, and sickle cell anemia. Spinal muscular atrophy and diabetes are also common, especially in the regions with the longest traditions of marriage between relatives. Dr. Sakati said she had also found links between inbreeding and deafness and muteness.

Saudi Arabia Awakes to the Perils of Inbreeding –

The risks of cousin marriage

It is estimated that at least 55% of British Pakistanis are married to first cousins and the tradition is also common among some other South Asian communities and in some Middle Eastern countries.

But there is a problem: marrying someone who is themselves a close family member carries a risk for children – a risk that lies within the code of life; within our genes.

Communities that practice cousin marriage experience higher levels of some very rare but very serious illnesses – illnesses known as recessive genetic disorders.

BBC NEWS | Programmes | Newsnight | The risks of cousin marriage

Defector Iranian Pilot Threatens to Seek Asylum in Israel So He Can Take Down Regime | The Tower

An Iranian helicopter pilot who defected to Turkey last year has threatened to move to Israel and work against the Iranian regime if it does not stop harassing his son and wife, the Times of Israel reported on Wednesday.

Maj. Ahmad-Reza Khosravi, who flew for the Iranian Security Service, told the Times that he fled Iran after repeated attempts to leave the service due to his ideological differences with the government. Khosravi said that if the regime did not stop harassing his wife and son, he would seek to hurt the regime. “If you do not leave me alone and stop harassing my family, I will seek asylum in Israel and start fighting you, even with arms,” Khosravi said in a message to Iranian leaders.

After 19 years in the service, Khosravi said that he wanted to resign “due to the differences in beliefs and opinions with the regime, and since I do not believe in the religion of Islam….I had problems with the regime’s policies, because they are based on deception, duplicity and lies.”

Defector Iranian Pilot Threatens to Seek Asylum in Israel So He Can Take Down Regime | The Tower

Bill Warner, PhD: Sharia and the Virtue of Hate – YouTube

If you present inconvenient facts about Islam, you will be called bad names, like hater. But it turns out that hate can be more virtuous than the silence of “tolerance”.

Bill Warner, PhD: Sharia and the Virtue of Hate – YouTube

I found this video particularly interesting because Bill discusses the issue of inbreeding in Islam. Mohammad married his first cousin, and that means this practice is perfectly fine for all other Muslims. But this practice quietly undermines Islamic societies due to increased genetic problems such as disabilities, lower IQ, reading and learning problems in school. Basically, this practice is a disaster. See the facts about this practice start at 2:35 in the video.

Stop Asking ‘Why Do They Hate Us?’ :: Middle East Forum

Shortly after the latest ISIS suicide bombers struck in Brussels on March 22, German Green Party MP Franziska Brantner tweeted “Why do they hate us so much?” The intelligentsia’s ignorance perseveres in spite of the answer right in front of them: it’s not hatred but an ideology called Islamism that compels violence. We are now almost 15 years beyond 9/11, and it’s time to stop asking this question after every major jihadist attack.

First, the obligatory disclaimer: “they” refers to Islamists and “we” to everyone else, including moderate Muslims (with all due respect to Donald Trump).

The self-indulgent introspection began in earnest on October 14, 2001, when Fareed Zakaria asked in Newsweek “Why Do They Hate Us?” Zakaria blamed the victim. US support of “Israel’s iron-fisted rule over the occupied territories” and various other “oppressive police states” in the Arab world is the cause. Zakaria acknowledged briefly the “total failure of political institutions in the Arab world” but still blamed the U.S. for having “neglected to press any regime there to open up its society.” That essay ends with the admonition that “We have no option but to get back into the nation-building business.”

Stop Asking ‘Why Do They Hate Us?’ :: Middle East Forum

Did you ever ask, “why do they hate us?”

Well, I can tell you that I have never asked that question. I just never cared. Plus, I already know the answer. Only liberals are asking that question as they try to stuff the world into their broken model. If man is basically good, then there can be only one reason for bad behavior: They have been provoked. And Muslims are only responding proportionally to the provocation by the West. In other words, the West must be doing some seriously bad stuff to Muslims.

So liberals are tying themselves into knots trying to figure out why Muslims hate them so much.

To the conservative, this issue is a no-brainer: Muslims hate the West because the West is not Muslim. But that answer is unacceptable to liberals. Never mind what the Quran says, or that Mohammad attacked all the surrounding towns of Medina who were not Muslim. Never mind that Muslims shut down the Mediterranean plunging Europe into the dark ages as their economies dropped by two-thirds. And all because they weren’t Muslim. Never mind that Muslims attacked trading ships and enslaved crews from a newly formed nation back around 1800 called the United States. And this new nation had never done one thing to any Muslim nation.

When an American representative sailed to London he asked the representative from Tripoli why they were attacking American ships? There was only one reason: They were not Muslim. Anything that is not Muslim is fair game.

When the world does not work according to your model, what should you do? Should you get a better model? Or should you find a way to stuff the world into your model? Should you lie, cheat and steal to make your model work?