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Killing Christians: A State-Sponsored Crime in Pakistan

The mob beat them and broke their legs so they would not be able to flee. “They picked them up by their arms and legs and held them over the brick furnace until their clothes caught fire. And then they threw them inside the furnace.” — Javed Maseeh, family spokesman, to NBC News.

The attack was not an isolated one. Rather it seems to be part of systematic killings, community by community.

Imagine you are a person of Christian faith living as a citizen in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: every moment your life is at risk. Imagine a Pakistani Muslim shouting that you have burned a page of holy Quran when you have not; or accusing you of having desecrated the Prophet Mohammed: you have hardly any chance of saving yourself. There would be no question of providing evidence or proof against you. You would be killed either by the mob or by the country’s legal system.

If you were one of the 3% minority Christians of Pakistan, you would fear for your life every moment among the majority Muslims; any one of them could shout and point at you as the Nazi collaborators did during the Second World War against the Jews. You inevitably would be beaten to death by your fellow countrymen.

This month in Pakistan, a Christian couple and their unborn child were burned to death, because of a false accusation of burning pages of a Quran.

Killing Christians: A State-Sponsored Crime in Pakistan

Barbarism 2014: Christians are told to convert to Islam or be killed

The pledge identified common practices of religious violence against Christians occurring in those three countries. These practices are also the types of persecution experienced by Christians today in parts of Nigeria, Somalia, Sudan, Pakistan, and a growing list of other countries as Islamic extremism spreads. They include:

  • Churches—sometimes while full of worshippers—monasteries, cemeteries, and Bible centers are deliberately demolished and crosses on others are removed.
  • The building and repairing of churches are curbed and prohibited.
  • Private Christian homes, businesses, and lands are looted, confiscated, or destroyed because some challenge Christians’ right to property, thus curtailing livelihoods.
  • Christians, including some clergy, after being identified as such by their names, identity cards, or some other means, are beheaded, shot execution-style, or otherwise brutally murdered. Clergy are killed for their peace-making efforts or simply as personifications of the Christian faith.
  • Christians, including bishops, priests, pastors, and nuns, are kidnapped and held for ransom.
  • Young women are abducted and forced to convert to Islam and marry their captors.
  • Christians are told to convert to Islam or be killed; some are forced to pay protection money.
  • Muslim apostasy and blasphemy codes and standards for dress, occupation, and social behavior are being enforced for Christians, as well as for Muslims.

Barbarism 2014: On Religious Cleansing by Islamists | World Affairs Journal

WATCH: Israeli sheikh says Jerusalem will soon become capital of global caliphate

Only days after being released from prison on charges of inciting violence, the leader of the Islamic Movement’s northern Israel branch returned to the public eye again, giving a fiery sermon about conquering Jerusalem and making it the Muslim-only capital of a Sunni Islamic empire.

In a video of his November 7 sermon in Nazareth, translated by MEMRI, Sheikh Raed Salah said “Inshallah, Jerusalem will soon become the capital of the global caliphate.”

“The caliphate will spread justice throughout the land after it was filled with injustice by America, the Zionist enterprise, the Batiniyya, reactionism, paganism and the Crusaders,” referring to the West, Jews, Christians, Shi’a Muslims, and anyone who does not follow Sunni Islam.

WATCH: Israeli sheikh says Jerusalem will soon become capital of global caliphate

The “Explosive Growth” of Jihadism in the Netherlands

The home-grown jihadist movement in the Netherlands is experiencing sudden and explosive growth, according to a new report published by the Dutch intelligence service, AIVD.

The Dutch jihadist movement is not only growing in size and strength, it is also becoming increasingly open and provocative, both online and on the streets, according to the report, which warns that the increasing momentum of Dutch jihadism poses an unprecedented threat to the democratic legal order of the Netherlands.

The 58-page report, entitled “The Transformation of Jihadism in the Netherlands: Swarm Dynamics and New Strength,” provides an in-depth analysis of the various factors underlying the “new dynamism” of the jihadist phenomenon.

According to the AIVD, the Dutch jihadist movement began a process of far-reaching change in late 2010, when several jihadists were prevented from leaving the Netherlands to join fellow jihadists in Pakistan and Somalia.

Their subsequent interactions with Dutch police and judicial authorities prompted the jihadists and other members of their networks to improve their modus operandi, which eventually led to a wholesale internal professionalization of the movement.

The “Explosive Growth” of Jihadism in the Netherlands

Netherlands: When the Questions Become the Crime

More problematic is that it reaches a point where discussion or debate is impossible because the questions themselves become a crime.

Such laws not only run counter to the basic principles of democracy; they are, in many instances, representative of a duplicitous selective application of the law. Why are the prosecutors not going after Yasmina Haifi, who tweeted that ISIS is a Zionist plot? Is the criminalization of hate speech now dependent only on whom you hate?

The people are entitled to a country in which they can voice their frustration and be heard.

Last March, Geert Wilders, the controversial right-wing Dutch Parliamentarian best known for his stance against Muslims and Muslim immigration, stood before supporters at a campaign rally and asked a simple question: “Do you want more Moroccans, or fewer?”

He expected the question to raise enthusiasm among the crowd, and drive his party to greater Parliamentary success. It has also possibly landed him before the courts, to be tried for “hate speech” — a crime in the Netherlands, which, despite its claims of “freedom of speech,” still criminalizes speech that “offends” on the basis of race, religion, sexual orientation, or even personal convictions and ideology.

Wilders, however, didn’t make a statement: he simply asked others what they wanted. It was the Dutch people themselves who, in response, cried out, “Fewer! Fewer!”

Netherlands: When the Questions Become the Crime

ISIS Sex Slaves and Prophet Muhammad

One little-known story is especially eye opening:

During Muhammad’s jihad on the Jews of Khaybar, he took for himself from among the spoils of war one young woman, a teenager, Safiya bint Huyay, after hearing of her beauty. (Earlier the prophet had bestowed her on another Muslim jihadi, but when rumor of her beauty reached him, the prophet reneged and took her for himself.)

Muhammad “married” Safiya hours after he had her husband, Kinana, tortured to death in order to reveal hidden treasure. And before this, the prophet’s jihadis slaughtered Safiya’s father and brothers.

So there it is. Muhammad seized for himself as rightfully earned booty (or ghanima) a young woman; he took her after killing everyone dear to her—husband, father, brothers, etc.

Nor, as expected, was Muhammad alone in this sort of rape. For example, Khalid bin Walid—the “Sword of Allah” and hero for aspiring jihadis around the world—raped another woman renowned for her beauty, Layla, right on the battlefield—but only after he severed her “apostate” husband’s head, lit it on fire, and cooked his dinner on it.

If this is how Muhammad—whom Koran 33:21 exhorts Muslims to emulate in all ways—behaved towards conquered female “infidels,” should there be any more surprise concerning the Islamic State’s behavior?

ISIS Sex Slaves and Prophet Muhammad

That is how the prophet of Islam behaved. So the Muslims in ISIS are the good Muslims just doing what their prophet did. The so-called good Muslims who are decent human beings and don´t bother anybody else are in reality bad Muslims who are NOT doing what their prophet did. Instead of criticizing ISIS, one should just be calling them good Muslims.

Those who the West calls good Muslims are really bad Muslims. Those who the West call bad Muslims are really good Muslims. That´s another example of how modern liberalism flips the world upside-down. But if you flip good and bad people, then eventually you will start to have big problems. You cannot respond appropriately to growing problems of violence and even the threat of war.


How Come No Street Protests Against ISIS from Leftwing

After years of this hypocrisy, it is obvious that the Left exploits the terms moral/human rights/women and children to further its agenda of grabbing personal power. It selectively chooses those terms to demonize those it hates and wants removed so as to smooth its own way to power. For them morality is not an inner value, but a political tool.

The Left hates Israel just as it hates America. America is too Christian, Israel is too Jewish. America and Israel are democracies, whereas the Left feels it should rule over us for the sake of our welfare and its entitlement to power. It will always find a way to criticize Israel and America about human rights.

The Left shares in common with Islam a disdain of individuals deciding their own destiny. Be it shariah for Islam or liberal social engineering so as to erase individuality and liberty, the leaders of each group expects submission to its ideology.

Israel is successful, as has been America. The left hates success for anyone but its clique. …

Articles: How Come No Street Protests Against ISIS from Leftwing

Obama strategy in Iraq, Syria hinges on long shots – LA Times

As the United States pivots back onto a war footing in the Middle East, President Obama’s strategy is rooted in at least three basic assumptions, all of them highly questionable.

In his prime-time speech Wednesday, Obama envisioned the emergence of a newly unified Iraqi government, an effective Iraqi fighting force and a reenergized, U.S.-backed “moderate” rebel front in Syria. Along with U.S. training and airstrikes, and help from international allies, those three factors would spell defeat for Islamic State militants who have made deep inroads in both Syria and Iraq.

All three goals seem long shots in a region where U.S. aims have often foundered amid harsh and intractable realities.

Obama strategy in Iraq, Syria hinges on long shots – LA Times

ISIS Is Not Islamic? :: Daniel Pipes

In a televised address this evening, President Barack Obama outlined his ideas on how to defeat the Islamic State. Along the way, he declared the organization variously known as ISIS or ISIL to be “not Islamic.”

In making this preposterous claim, Obama joins his two immediate predecessors in pronouncing on what is not Islamic. Bill Clinton called the Taliban treatment of women and children “a terrible perversion of Islam.” George W. Bush deemed that 9/11 and other acts of violence against innocents “violate the fundamental tenets of the Islamic faith.”

None of the three has any basis for such assertions. To state the obvious: as non-Muslims and politicians, rather than Muslims and scholars, they are in no position to declare what is Islamic and what is not. As Bernard Lewis, a leading American authority of Islam, notes: “it is surely presumptuous for those who are not Muslims to say what is orthodox and what is heretical in Islam.” (That Obama was born and raised a Muslim has no relevance here, for he left the faith and cannot pronounce on it.)

Indeed, Obama compounds his predecessors’ errors and goes further: Clinton and Bush merely described certain actions (treatment of women and children, acts of violence against innocents) as un-Islamic, but Obama has dared to declare an entire organization (and quasi-state) to be “not Islamic.”

ISIS Is Not Islamic? :: Daniel Pipes

Italy ramps up security over Islamic State’s threat to Pope Francis – Washington Times

Italy has ramped up its security in the wake of some Rome media reports that Islamic State terrorists have set their sights on Pope Francis and threatened to do him harm because of his rally call for the world to subdue the group.

The alert warns that the Islamic State is looking to attack “sensitive targets” both in and out of Rome, including embassies, Catholic churches, bus and train stations, airports and the like. And officials have put in place flight restrictions over Vatican City and over Italy’s foreign ministry, the Daily Beast reported.

Italy ramps up security over Islamic State’s threat to Pope Francis – Washington Times