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The True Cost of Europe’s Muslim “Enrichment”

  • The United Nations, in 2000, advocated the “replacement” of Europe’s population by Muslim migrants.

  • There seems to be an economic premise underlying this view: that importing the Muslim world en masse into Europe is mutually beneficial. For decades, the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe has been labelled “enrichment.” Shouting “Islamophobia” does not negate how it is virtually impossible to think of a country actually made richer by it.

  • Even in a country with an established Islamic population such as Britain, Muslim unemployment languishes at 50% for men, and 75% for women.

  • Those using an economic rationale to implement Europe’s demographic transformation fail to recognize the complexities of Islam: they ignore the fundamentalist revival that has been ongoing for over a century. One feature of this growing embrace of literalism is a belief — validated by scripture — that Muslims are entitled to idly profit from the productivity of infidels.

  • The idea that with time, Islam’s religious tenets will somehow moderate and dissolve, merely by being lodged in Europe, is wishful thinking, especially in communities where Muslim migrants already outnumber indigenous Europeans.

  • The “blind eye” turned towards polygamy in Britain, France, Belgium and Germany has ensured that some Muslim men have upwards of 20 children by multiple wives, almost always at state expense. This suggests that families with fundamentalist views are outbreeding their more moderate coreligionists.

The word “refugee” is a legal term, one defined by several international treaties. These documents brought the United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) into existence, and sustain the relevance of the United Nations agency responsible for refugees to this day.

The contents of these treaties, however, sit oddly with how the UNHCR has comprehensively sought to hoodwink the European public about the predominant status of the demographic influx into their continent this year.

None of these documents — the 1951 Refugee Convention; the 1967 Protocol Relating to the Status of Refugees, or the EU’s own Dublin Regulations — grants the right of refugee status to those traversing several safe countries, and illegally crossing multiple borders, to shop for the best welfare state.

Even a legitimate refugee from Syria now living, for example, in Turkey or Lebanon, loses his refugee status by paying a people-smuggler to travel to Europe. According to international law, that refugee then becomes an “asylum seeker.” Only when his asylum claim has been investigated and judged to be valid by a requisite domestic agency, is he once again a “refugee.”

The True Cost of Europe’s Muslim “Enrichment”

Genesis Bible Codes: “End of Ishmael” May Happen This Year

A new Bible Codes revelation suggests that this could be the year in which the world witnesses the end of Islamic terror.

Analyzing a Bible Codes table from the Book of Genesis, Glazerson points out that the Hebrew words “tome Yishmael,” which means the end of Ishmael, appear next to the Hebrew letters that refer to the current year in the Hebrew calendar.

Surrounding “tome Yishmael” are Bible Codes for related keywords, including terror, Moshiach (Messiah), “etz tzarah” (time of trouble), enemy, Amalek (the Biblical enemy of the Jewish people) and teshuva (repentance).

The Bible Codes expert points out something that he says does not appear anywhere else in Bible Codes. Like a crossword puzzle, we find the words that mean “Ishmael lies” in a vertical column that meets with the words “to Israel” which appear horizontally, along with the Hebrew letters that refer to this year in the Hebrew calendar.

The implication is that this will be the year that the lies coming from the Children of Ishmael will increase. This is especially interesting considering that the PA is now claiming that the Western Wall, arguably Israel’s holiest site, belongs to them.

Genesis Bible Codes: “End of Ishmael” May Happen This Year – Israel News

Perhaps it’s just the end of terror on Israel. The worldwide end of Islamic terror seems hard to believe unless the entirety of Islam gets snuffed out.


Islam Plans to Destroy Israel by 2022 – Op-Eds – Arutz Sheva

In front of the United Nations General Assembly, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did not only stare for forty seconds into the eyes of the world’s representatives, charging them of having kept silent in the face of Iran’s promise to destroy Israel. Netanyahu also pulled out a book in Farsi. The author is the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and he writes that “within 25 years there will be no more Israel”.

There is a date recurring obsessively in the proclamations of the leaders of the Arab-Islamic world: 2022. It is the year that they have reserved for  the end of Israel. “By 2022, possibly earlier, Israel will be destroyed” has just said Hassan Rahimpour Azghadi of Iran’s Supreme Council for the Revolution, the right arm of Khamenei.

A year ago, Hamas Interior Minister Fathi Hamad said that the Palestinian Arabs will liberate all of Palestine “within eight years”. So – in 2022. Last May, in an interview on Lebanese channel Nbn TV, the imam of the mosque of Al Quds in Sidon, Maher Hamoud, said that “according to calculations based on the Koran the end of Israel will be in 2022”. Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the founder of Hamas, shared the same vision.

Islam Plans to Destroy Israel by 2022 – Op-Eds – Arutz Sheva

Nuclear TSUNAMI: ISIS wants to wipe hundreds of millions from face of the earth

After embedding with ISIS for 10 days, senior journalist reveals they are planning ‘the largest religious cleansing in history.’

According to the journalist, the West is unprepared for ISIS. He writes that “the terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people. The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS.”

ISIS intends to get its hands on nuclear weapons, says Todenhofer, calling the group a “nuclear tsunami preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.”

Those warnings are made all the more stark by the possibility of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East sparked by the Iran nuclear deal, with rival states such as Saudi Arabia eyeing their own nuclear arsenal leading to a higher proliferation – and a higher chance that nuclear weapons could fall into ISIS hands.
German Reporter: ISIS Plans ‘Nuclear Tsunami’ – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva

Nuclear TSUNAMI: ISIS wants to wipe hundreds of millions from face of the earth

ISLAMIC State is a ‘nuclear tsunami’ that wants to wipe hundreds of millions from the face of the earth in the biggest religious holocaust the world has ever seen.

ISIS plan Islamic nuclear holocaust to wipe hundreds of millions from face of earth | World | News | Daily Express

Anticipating Islam’s conquest of Europe and America at Al-Aqsa – Blogs – Jerusalem Post

Any European who would oppose Muslim immigration by arguing that the current waves of desperate people hoping to find safety and prosperity north of the Alps will pave the way for a hostile attempt to conquer Europe for Islam would certainly be denounced as an “Islamophobe.” But what do you call it when a preacher at the Al-Aqsa mosque – which is usually described as Islam’s “third-holiest” place – passionately announces that “soon, we will trample them [Europe’s Christians and Jews] underfoot, Allah willing”?

In an address delivered some two weeks ago at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, Sheikh Muhammad Ayed argued according to a translation provided by MEMRI that in Europe, “all the hearts are infused with hatred toward Muslims.” According to the Sheikh,

“Europe has become old and decrepit, and needs human reinforcement. […] they have lost their fertility, so they look for fertility in their midst. We will give them fertility! We will breed children with them, because we shall conquer their countries – whether you like it or not, oh Germans, oh Americans, oh French, oh Italians, and all those like you. Take the refugees! We shall soon collect them in the name of the coming Caliphate. We will say to you: These are our sons. Send them, or we will send our armies to you.”

If this sounds “Islamophobic,” the politically correct thing is of course to simply ignore this story – and this is just what most of the mainstream media seem to have done. …

Anticipating Islam’s conquest of Europe and America at Al-Aqsa – Blogs – Jerusalem Post

ISIS attacked Russian military barracks – Business Insider

The Islamic State’s so-called “province” in the Caucasus region has claimed responsibility for its first official attack since it was established earlier this year.

In a statement released online — seen above — and translated by the SITE Intelligence Group, the group says “the soldiers of the Caliphate were able to mount an attack on barracks of the Russian army in southern Dagestan, in Magharamakint village.”

The raid allegedly “led to the killing and wounding of a number of them.” Afterward, “the soldiers of the Caliphate returned to their positions safely and with spoils, and unto Allah is all praise and gratitude,” SITE’s translation reads.

ISIS attacked Russian military barracks – Business Insider

Documentary Warns of Radical Islam’s Impending Domination over Europe and US – Breitbart

Martin Mawyer, president of Christian Action Network and filmmaker, is releasing a new documentary Tuesday April 21st titled Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning.

The film documents Islamists’ plans for domination over first Western Europe and then America.

The idea for Mawyer’s documentary came from former FBI agents who caught his attention. Mawyer said they were discussing how they believe Western Europe could fall to radical Islam within the next 10 to 20 years.

“I got caught up listening to their conversation as they spoke about the mass flow of immigrant Muslims into Europe, the presence of Islamic ‘no-go zones,’ weak political leaders and the silencing of Islamic critics,” Mawyer explained.

He said that to believe Muslims could dominate Western Europe in just 10 to 20 years didn’t seem plausible.

Documentary Warns of Radical Islam’s Impending Domination over Europe and US – Breitbart

The estimate of Islam’s domination in Europe by 2025 to 2035 is correct by my own thinking. The bulls-eye is already on Rome. And if Iran is to create the chaos (millions of deaths) to hasten the arrival of the Mahdi, then those deaths are certainly going to be Christian.

MEMRI: Egyptian Cleric Salem Abu Al-Futouh: The Prophet Muhammad Foretold the Islamic Conquest of Rome

Europe’s Last Stand: America’s Final Warning (Trailer)

IS, Russia, China: all fascist states | The Sydney Morning Herald

The regimes in Russia, China and the so-called Islamic State are all fascist. The defining characteristics of fascists? First, they are authoritarian. Freedoms are curbed. The people are allowed no rights to resist the will of their rulers. Dissent is crushed, and crushed violently if necessary.

Second, power is highly centralised. Third, the nation is exalted above the people. Hypernationalism or jingoism is powered by a sense of historical grievance or victimhood. Putin says the West is intent on “tearing out the claws and teeth” of the Russian bear. His chief cause is restoring Russia to greatness.

China is overcoming its “century of humiliation” at the hands of Western imperialism. To this day, Chinese children are exhorted to “never forget national humiliation”. IS has declared its purpose is to “restore the caliphate”. Its leader and self-declared caliph, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, announced that “the West has reduced the Islamic world to nothing”. His aim: “We want to restore the greatness of Islam.”

There are many differences. Russia is notionally a democracy; China is run by a party that is nominally communist; the so-called Islamic State claims to act in the name of Allah.

Yet all three operate as fascist entities. Fascism “abandons democratic liberties and pursues with redemptive violence and without ethical or legal restraints goals of internal cleansing and external expansion”, as Robert Paxton put it in his book, The Anatomy of Fascism.

IS, Russia, China: all fascist states

What ISIS Really Wants – The Atlantic

The Islamic State is no mere collection of psychopaths. It is a religious group with carefully considered beliefs, among them that it is a key agent of the coming apocalypse. Here’s what that means for its strategy—and for how to stop it.

The reality is that the Islamic State is Islamic. Very Islamic. Yes, it has attracted psychopaths and adventure seekers, drawn largely from the disaffected populations of the Middle East and Europe. But the religion preached by its most ardent followers derives from coherent and even learned interpretations of Islam.

Virtually every major decision and law promulgated by the Islamic State adheres to what it calls, in its press and pronouncements, and on its billboards, license plates, stationery, and coins, “the Prophetic methodology,” which means following the prophecy and example of Muhammad, in punctilious detail. Muslims can reject the Islamic State; nearly all do. But pretending that it isn’t actually a religious, millenarian group, with theology that must be understood to be combatted, has already led the United States to underestimate it and back foolish schemes to counter it. We’ll need to get acquainted with the Islamic State’s intellectual genealogy if we are to react in a way that will not strengthen it, but instead help it self-immolate in its own excessive zeal.

What ISIS Really Wants – The Atlantic

ISIS Sets Its Sights on Europe in Latest Beheading Video | TIME

The executioner speaks in English and points his knife toward the Mediterranean. “We will conquer Rome, by Allah’s permission,” he says.

The video released by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) on Sunday showing the killings of 21 Egyptian Christian workers, appeared to be directed at the Christian world, the continent of Europe and gloried in its brutality.

Instead, the five-minute film is concerned with more international themes. The targets are not modern states, but rather “Rome,” and Christians, who are labelled “The people of the cross, the followers of the hostile Egyptian Church.” The message was phrased in religious terms intended to transcend national boundaries. The video ends with the Mediterranean waves dyed red from the blood of the murdered men.

ISIS Sets Its Sights on Europe in Latest Beheading Video | TIME

‘The targets are not modern states, but rather “Rome,” and Christians, who are labelled “The people of the cross, the followers of the hostile Egyptian Church.”’

Notice that Rome and Christians are specifically mentioned. As I have said in the past, Rome has a bulls-eye on it. As Islam awakens, Rome will become more and more at-risk for some kind of attack by Muslims. In particular, I am thinking about nuclear terrorism in the next 10 to 15 years.