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Donald Trump and the Coming War on ‘Radical Islam’ – The Atlantic

Donald Trump may soon steer the government in a different direction. Several of the president-elect’s national-security appointees have argued that the United States is at war with “radical Islamic terrorism,” or “radical Islam,” or something broader still, such as “Islamism.” They have described this war as a primarily ideological struggle to preserve Western civilization, like the wars against Nazism and communism. The war is not confined to extremist Sunni Muslims or extremist Shia Muslims; the Islamic State and the Islamic Republic of Iran are seen as two sides of the same coin. Notably, these appointees have put forth this sweeping vision before taking charge of the nation’s security—before a terrorist attack has occurred on their watch.

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Donald Trump and the Coming War on ‘Radical Islam’ – The Atlantic

The Terrorist “Wing” Scam :: Middle East Quarterly

Modern terrorist organizations have managed to flourish despite their enemies’ attempts to squash them and have often done so by hiding in plain sight behind a nominal disguise. The most successful groups have achieved a kind of parity with the countries they attack by masquerading as complicated and diverse establishments for which terror is but one facet of their true—and variegated—nature. Nearly all terrorist organizations operating today have learned to conduct effective subterfuge by pretending to diversify.

On the rhetorical level, the illusion is advanced when a terror organization claims for itself an ancillary “wing,” “arm,” or “branch.” Most often it is either a “charitable wing” that operates orphanages and hospitals and distributes aid to the poor, or a “political wing” devoted to achieving the group’s aims through negotiation. In reality though, the group and its newly-sprouted wings are never separate but rather integral, interdependent parts of a whole. The pose allows them to prosper by legitimizing their continued existence as aid providers or embryonic governments rather than terrorist groups.

The Terrorist “Wing” Scam :: Middle East Quarterly

Moderate Muslims Cannot Save Us – YouTube

It is frequently said that moderate Muslims can solve the problem of jihad and terror. Everyone has met nice Muslims, some of whom are willing to admit that Islam has problems and may even say that Islamic State is bad. Moderate Muslims are nice people who come to interfaith events, interviews and talks at schools and churches. Moderate Muslims even tell us that they are the real victim, not the Kafir.

Here is the problem—Islam cannot be changed by anybody, moderate or not. Islam is the civilizational doctrine found in the Koran, Sira and Hadith. Nobody can change the Sunna and the Koran. Their words are eternal, perfect and universal. Nobody can change Islam. It is fixed and frozen by its unalterable doctrine.

What we call moderation is simply ignoring the violence and hate. But the jihad cannot be removed, it can only be denied by ignoring it. A moderate has the same Allah and Mohammed that a jihadist has.

Moderate Islam is Islam light, Islam ignored. Islam changes Muslims; Muslims can only choose not to practice the dark side of Islam, but they cannot change it or get rid of it. Islamic doctrine is fixed, eternal, unchangeable and forever.

Moderate Muslims Cannot Save Us – YouTube

How One of the Deadliest Hajj Accidents Unfolded – The New York Times

I’m dying. I need water.”

“I’m dying. I’m dying. I need water.”

Rashid Siddiqui kept hearing those words from his fellow Muslim pilgrims lying mangled on the ground in 118-degree heat, under a searing Saudi sun. Barefoot, topless and dazed, Mr. Siddiqui had somehow escaped being crushed by the surging crowd.

It was Sept. 24, 2015, the third morning of the hajj, the annual five-day pilgrimage to Mecca by millions of Muslims from around the world. By some estimates, it was the deadliest day in hajj history and one of the worst accidents in the world in decades.

How One of the Deadliest Hajj Accidents Unfolded – The New York Times

Bill Warner, PhD: Hijra, Islamic Migration

As it does with everything in life, Islam has its own views about migration. For us migration is for an individual’s gain—a better job, for instance. But for Islam, migration was the beginning of Mohammed’s success. He preached the religion for 13 years and converted 150 Arabs to Islam. After he migrated to Medina, he became and politician and jihadist, which led to every Arab in Arabia becoming a Muslim.

After Mohammed’s death, Islam exploded out of Arabia in its second migration. When Islam settles into a society, the society becomes all Islamic (with a couple of exceptions—Spain and the Balkans). Islam does not assimilate, but dominates. This is because of its Sharia law.

The purpose of migration is to start jihad and the purpose of jihad is install the Sharia. Undeer the Sharia, the other religions are subjected to taxes, domination and humiliation. After enough time, everyone will become a Muslim.

Today in the West, we see the beginning of the annihilation of our civilization due to the deference we pay to Islamic migration and Sharia and we refuse to see the true nature and goals of Islam—complete domination of all aspects of our society.

**Correction: at around minute 11:00, I misspeak. I say “jihad” and I meant to say “Jew hatred” in Mein Kampf. The graph is correct.

Bill Warner, PhD: Hijra, Islamic Migration – YouTube

One Million Muslim Migrants Under One Term of Clinton Presidency

The U.S. could resettle nearly one million immigrants from the Muslim world under one term of a Hillary Clinton presidency, according to projections from Center for Immigration Studies’ Steve Camarota.

Camarota explained that this large expansion in Muslim migration would be part of a massive increase in overall immigration, which the U.S. could experience under a President Hillary Clinton. Camarota noted that Clinton could potentially add as many as 10 million new immigrants to the U.S. during her first term alone, on top of the millions of illegal immigrants to whom she would grant immediate amnesty.

One Million Muslim Migrants Under One Term of Clinton Presidency

Dutch Far-right Leader Seeks Ban on Quran, Mosques

The political party of Dutch far-right politician Geert Wilders has pledged to close mosques and ban Islam’s holy book, the Quran, as anti-Muslim sentiments in the Netherlands grow.

Wilders unveiled the one-page manifesto on his Facebook page on Thursday evening ahead of the Netherlands’ parliamentary elections in March.

If they prevail at the polls, Wilders and his Freedom Party, or PVV, said its number one goal would be to halt the ‘Islamization’ of the Netherlands. The party also vows to close all asylum seeker centers, expel criminals with dual nationalities and refuse migrants from Muslim countries.

Dutch Far-right Leader Seeks Ban on Quran, Mosques

Islam is a totalitarian political system that has no business in the West. Meanwhile, it hides behind Islam as a religion.

Bill Warner, PhD: Totalitarian Islam

No Saudi Money for American Mosques :: Daniel Pipes

Saudi Arabia may be the country in the world most different from the United States, especially where religion is concerned. An important new bill introduced by Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) aims to take a step toward fixing a monumental imbalance.

Consider those differences: Secularism is a bedrock U.S. principle, enshrined in the Constitution’s First Amendment; in contrast, the Koran and Sunna are the Saudi constitution, enshrined as the Basic Law’s first article.

Anyone can build a religious structure of whatever nature in the United States, so the Saudis fund mosque after mosque. In the kingdom, though, only mosques are allowed; it hosts not a single church – or, for that matter, synagogue, or Hindu, Sikh, Jain, or Baha’i temple. Hints going back nearly a decade that the Saudis will allow a church have not born fruit but seem to serve as delaying tactics.

Pray any way you wish in America, so long as you do not break the law. Non-Muslims who pray with others in Saudi Arabia engage in an illicit activity that could get them busted, as though they had participated in a drug party.

The United States, obviously, has no sacred cities open only to members of a specific faith. KSA has two of them, Mecca and Medina; trespassers who are caught will meet with what the Saudi authorities delicately call “severe punishment.”

No Saudi Money for American Mosques :: Daniel Pipes

The Peninsula Qatar – Jerusalem is a religious inferno waiting to happen

Despite a news blackout, events on the ground confirm that the battle for Jerusalem and Al Aqsa Mosque has entered a new and dangerous phase. In the past, officials on both sides of the divide claimed that Palestine-Israel was just a “political dispute”; religious persuasion, they insisted, was not an important factor. This is no longer the case; religious heritage and rights now dominate the discourse and are shaping the course of events.

When thousands of Jews converged on occupied Jerusalem last weekend to mark what they believed to be the destruction of the Second Temple by the Romans in 70 CE, the message was abundantly clear. Israel’s Deputy Defence Minister Eli Dahan confirmed their intention: “We are here to announce that we’ve returned to Jerusalem and that we’re preparing our hearts to return to the Temple Mount and rebuild the Temple.”

As a warning, he added, “We’re not ashamed of this: We want to build the Third Temple on the Temple Mount.”

The Peninsula Qatar – Jerusalem is a religious inferno waiting to happen

Egypt joins in condemnation of Israel over Temple Mount – Middle East – News

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry on Monday joined Jordan in condemning Israel for permitting Jews to enter the Temple Mount, Haaretz reports.

The ministry’s statement came a day after police arrested a number of Jews for violating visitation rules at the site on Sunday, when Jews observed the Tisha B’Av fast marking the destruction of the ancient First and Second Temples.

Some 400 Jews visited the site on Sunday, a fact which angered Egypt as well as Jordan’s King Abdullah, who told the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour,”Jordan will fight Israeli aggression, which is manifested by the incursion of extremist Israelis into the mosque compound.”

Egypt joins in condemnation of Israel over Temple Mount – Middle East – News –

When Teddy Roosevelt Banned Muslims from America | Frontpage Mag

The Immigration Act of 1891 had merely banned polygamists. The newest law banned anyone who believed in the practice of polygamy. That group included every faithful believing Muslim.

The Ottoman Empire’s representatives argued that their immigrants believed in the practice of polygamy, but wouldn’t actually take more than one wife. This argument echoes the current contention that Muslim immigrants may believe in a Jihad against non-Muslims without actually engaging in terrorism. That type of argument proved far less convincing to Americans than it does today.

These amazing facts, uncovered by @rushetteny reveal part of the long controversial history of battles over Islamic migration into America.

When Teddy Roosevelt Banned Muslims from America | Frontpage Mag