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Slow rocket fire from Gaza after Hamas goes back to accepting Tehran’s domination | Debka

The red alert for the incoming rocket from Gaza which exploded in the Eshkol District Friday morning, Dec. 19, may well be the harbinger of more to come. In parts of Beersheba too the dull thumps of explosions were heard on Thursday.

According to debkafile’s military and intelligence sources, Hamas has once again fallen under Tehran’s sway after patching up their quarrel.

Iran lost no time in directing the Palestinian terrorist group to revoke the ceasefire it accepted in June for halting Israel’s summer operation in the Gaza Strip and revive low-key rocket fire. An apparently “anonymous” organization will take responsibility – in reality it will be Hamas’ military wing.

Israel’s security authorities are aware of this ominous turn of events, but prefer to keep it quiet for the time being.

Slow rocket fire from Gaza after Hamas goes back to accepting Tehran’s domination

Israeli minister: Palestine has declared war | News24

Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinitz said on Thursday that the Palestinian-pushed draft resolution submitted overnight to the UN Security Council is a declaration of war.

“This is not a peace process. This is a war process that they are leading,” said Steinitz.

If the Palestinian Authority (PA) continued to “sabotage” peace negotiations and lead unilateral diplomatic steps against Israel, then Israel must consider all options, including even breaking up the PA, he told Israel Radio.

Israeli minister: Palestine has declared war | News24

Details About the Dec. 7 Israeli Strike on Syrian Sites

In Dimas, the Israeli strike hit some containers inside one of the warehouses at the airport, which is a small training facility not for commercial or military use. The source revealed that the targeted containers were part of a large number of similar containers kept in a number of warehouses, and that the strike hit a specific warehouse to destroy specific ones.

The target containers had reached the training airport no more than two or three days prior to the operation. The diplomatic source saidd that the intelligence upon which the Israelis based their strike was “very accurate,” including the target’s time of arrival and precise location. According to the information available to him, the containers had been filled with two types of weapons made not in Iran, but probably Russia, and were to be transferred to Lebanon.

Israeli strike targets Lebanon-bound weapons in Syria – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

There is New Talk of an Israeli Pre-Emptive Strike on Iran

2011 was the last time there was serious talk of an Israeli attack on Iran. Now the talk is starting to heat up again. There is talk of the possibility of a June 2015 attack.

Quiet allegations of Iranian cheating on its interim nuclear agreement are fueling speculation in the Israeli press that Israel may be preparing to launch a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, reports the Algemeiner.

Similarly, the Institute for Science and International Security has also reported violations by Iran of the Joint Plan of Action by building up both its uranium and plutonium programs while negotiating.

In the context of these allegations, Israeli website NRG speculates that should Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu hang on and be re-elected in March 2015, he will face a dilemma of whether to strike at Iran in June, one month before the currently extended deadline for an agreement.

Such a decision will be especially difficult because the Obama administration, looking to Iran for a foreign policy legacy, is unlikely to give support to military action. However, many American-allied Arab states, including Egypt and Saudi Arabia, are also alarmed at the prospect of a nuclear Iran, and thus are not pleased with the American-led negotiations and deadline extensions.

Besides military action, increased sanctions may also come onto play as a result of Iranian violations. Former Mossad official Haim Tomer said that the period leading up to the current July deadline is the best time to increase sanctions on Iran, and not to reduce them. “The sanctions are being very effective, especially because of the drop in oil prices, and the economic collapse of Iran will force Iran to give up her dream,” Tomer said.

Commenting on the revelations of Iranian cheating, Rep. Ed Royce (R-CA), Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, called the Iranian regime “a determined cheater, showing no willingness to accept an effective verification regime.” Royce criticized the administration’s optimism in the face of Iran’s “deceit and intransigence.” He added, “Iran is not addressing our fundamental verification and enrichment concerns. It is well beyond time for more sanctions pressure.”

Iranian Nuclear Cheating Prompts Speculation of Pre-Emptive Israeli Strike

Speculation Concerning Israeli Pre-Emptive Strike on Iranian Nuclear Facilities Emerges as U.S. Privately Accuses Tehran of ‘Cheating’ |

The talk of possible Israeli action – last seriously considered in 2011, before the current round of negotiations began – coincides with the revelation published in Foreign Policy by journalist Colum Lynch that Washington has “privately accused Iran of going on an international shopping spree to acquire components for a heavy-water reactor that American officials have long feared could be used in the production of nuclear weapons-grade plutonium.”

Lynch said that the White House has so far not acknowledged its displeasure with the Iranians publicly. But, Lynch said, the current objections “stand in stark contrast to recent remarks by Secretary of State John Kerry, who has repeatedly credited Tehran with abiding by the terms of the November 2013 pact, which bound Tehran to suspend some of its work at the Arak heavy-water reactor. ‘Iran has held up its end of the bargain,’ Kerry said last month in Vienna as he announced a seven-month extension of the timetable for big-power talks.”

Speculation Concerning Israeli Pre-Emptive Strike on Iranian Nuclear Facilities Emerges as U.S. Privately Accuses Tehran of ‘Cheating’ | Jewish & Israel News

For you Bible prophecy followers, there has been talk of something big happening soon. An Israeli attack on Iran just might be the spark that sets it all off.

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For first time, Iran media admit point of missile program was ‘to hit Israel’ | World Tribune

After officially insisting that its nearly 30-year-old ballistic missile program was not targeting any one country, Iran has acknowledged that it was aimed against Israel.

The state-owned Iranian media have given unprecedented details of the origin of Teheran’s ballistic missile program under the Islamic regime. The media quoted senior officials as saying that the impetus for the program was to strike Israel.

For first time, Iran media admit point of missile program was ‘to hit Israel’ | World Tribune

Reports: Obama Mulling Sanctions on Israel | Washington Free Beacon

While Obama is mulling sanctions on Israel for construction in Jerusalem, it is trying to stop Congress from new sanctions on Iran.

The possibility of sanctioning Israel for its ongoing construction sends a signal that the Obama administration is willing to go further in its denunciations of Israel then any previous White House.

At the same time, the White House is vigorously pushing Congress against passing new sanctions on Iran.

When asked to address the reports Thursday afternoon, Harf declined to take a stance.

“I’m obviously not going to comment one way or another on reported internal deliberations,” she said. “We’ve made clear our position on settlement activity publicly and that hasn’t changed.”

When pressed to address whether the White House has reached a point at which it believes its harsh rhetoric against Israel is not enough, Harf again demurred, stating that she would not “address hypotheticals.”

Reports: Obama Mulling Sanctions on Israel | Washington Free Beacon

Why does this make any kind of sense?

Let us punish our friends and reward our enemies. This makes perfect sense when you consider that liberals punish the successful and reward the unsuccessful in the US. Why not do it internationally? The entire foundation of modern liberalism flips everything upside-down. Generally, the successful cheated and the unsuccessful were victimized (by the successful.) Internationally, there can be only one reason that Iran is our enemy: The US and the West victimized Iran. And Israel is victimizing the Palestinians.

Please note that this thinking will mean the end of the West is coming. Modern liberalism is so other worldly that it cannot exist on the planet Earth for long. But when it goes it is going to take you with it unless you are prepared.

Israel’s new IDF chiefs must take next prospective war with Hizballah onto enemy ground

It was Golan who on Oct. 29 issued a public warning of the preparations Iran’s Lebanese surrogate, the Shiite Hizballah was putting in place for war against Israel – possibly as soon as April 2015. Gen. Golan had this to say. “We have no positive information that there are tunnels… That said, the idea of going below ground is not foreign to Lebanon and is not foreign to Hizballah. And so we have to suppose as a working assumption that there are tunnels [leading under the border into Israel]. They have to be looked for and prepared for,” said the Israeli general.

Debkafile’s sources cite Israelis living near the Lebanese border as reporting mysterious noises of digging and blasting under their feet in the last six months. Confirmation that Hizballah plans to fight Israel on the Jewish state’s home ground came from the horse’s mouth on Nov. 4, when Hizballah’s leader Hassan Nasrallah shouted: “You should close all your airports and ports, because there is no place… in the land of occupied Palestine that the resistance’s rockets cannot reach.”

Israel’s new IDF chiefs must take next prospective war with Hizballah onto enemy ground

Hamas Threatens ‘Holy War’ Over Jewish State Law – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva

Hamas has an opinion on the ‘Jewish State Law‘ making rounds in the Knesset, Channel 2 reports Tuesday – claiming that the law could provoke a “holy war.” 

“The law sounds an alarm regarding Israel’s ambitions in the region, and threatens to bring about a religious war,” Hamas representatives in Gaza threatened Sunday. 

“The Israeli occupation is trying to protect Zionist myths and take control of Arab-populated areas, steal resources and humiliate [Palestinians],” it claimed. 

Hamas also appealed the international community to crack down on Israel for considering the law, which is claimed is “racist.” 

“The movement will continue to act against the Israeli occupation to overthrow the imperialist enterprise”, stressed the organization’s leaders.

Hamas Threatens ‘Holy War’ Over Jewish State Law – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva

Destroy Hamas in Gaza now, urges the ‘Green Prince’ | The Times of Israel

“Don’t wait for the summer for Hamas to surprise you again,” he urged. “Hit them this winter when they’re not ready. If you can solve the problem of Hamas in Gaza, that will pave the way forward regarding the Palestinians in the West Bank and Abu Mazen (Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas), who is currently replicating methods that remind me of the days of the Second Intifada and Yasser Arafat.

“The people throwing stones and petrol bombs in Jerusalem, and carrying out terrorist attacks, think that Israel is weak. It’s precisely now that Israel needs to show its strength,” he insisted, “while also acting responsibly and avoiding harm to civilians because that serves Hamas.”

Destroy Hamas in Gaza now, urges the ‘Green Prince’ | The Times of Israel

The Arabs think Israel is weak, but isn’t it true? Israel has a weak will even if it has a strong military. In the end Israel is weak. Of course Israel can change that perception but will it?

I think that eventually the Arabs will push too far and Israel will finally act. It will get strong. But until then, weak. Perhaps when Israel has no other option and its back is against the wall, it will finally get strong.

How the Middle East’s First Nuclear War Started – Mathew Burrows – POLITICO Magazine

The afternoon had been a blur, but it was now clear to him that the Saudis and Israelis were colluding to attack Iran, and that he was helping them coordinate their plans. Who should he tell? And how could he prove what was happening?

He thought about taking the thumb drive right to the American embassy, but he didn’t want to put his family in the states in jeopardy. He was afraid Bill would use them as leverage against him.

That’s when his phone rang. The voice on the other told him where to deliver the Paris package.

Jamil got out of bed and did what he was told. And then he called his assistant and told her to book him a ticket to New York.

It was too late anyway.

The Saudis launched a missile attack against Iran on Christmas Day. Days later the Israelis followed with an air attack on various Iranian military and civilian installations. The attacks devastated Iran. Initial casualties reached 40,000 as a direct result of exposure to chemically toxic substances. This did not include the destruction from the radioactive fallout that contaminated an important supply of water, condemning millions of Iranians to an increased rate of bone cancer as well as a significant rise in birth defects for decades, if not centuries to come.

The Saudis had counted on their missile defense shield, but with the withdrawal of U.S. technicians, who had helped run it, Iran succeeded in overwhelming the system with a nuclear missile—the Iranians actually had an advanced weapons program all along.

Israel’s defense shield largely protected the country against incoming Iranian missiles, although Hezbollah and Hamas succeeded in perpetrating several devastating terrorist attacks in Haifa and Tel Aviv.