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EgyptAir mechanic accused of planting a bomb on Russian airliner – Business Insider

But the sources, who declined to be identified because of the sensitivity of the ongoing investigation, said the mechanic had been detained, along with two airport policemen and a baggage handler suspected of helping him put the bomb on board.

“After learning that one of its members had a relative that worked at the airport, Islamic State delivered a bomb in a handbag to that person,” said one of the sources, adding the suspect’s cousin joined Islamic State in Syria a year and a half ago.

“He was told to not ask any questions and get the bomb on the plane.”

Another source said of the other suspects: “Two policemen are suspected of playing a role by turning a blind eye to the operation at a security checkpoint. But there is a possibility that they were just not doing their jobs properly.”

EgyptAir mechanic accused of planting a bomb on Russian airliner – Business Insider

Russia Is Sending Jihadis to Join ISIS – The Daily Beast

Yet a recent investigation conducted by Novaya Gazeta, one of the few independent newspapers left in Russia, complicates this cozy tale of counterterrorist cooperation. Based on extensive fieldwork in one village in the North Caucasus, reporter Elena Milashina has concluded that the “Russian special services have controlled” the flow of jihadists into Syria, where they have lately joined up not only with ISIS but other radical Islamist factions. In other words, Russian officials are adding to the ranks of terrorists which the Russian government has deemed a collective threat to the security and longevity of its dictatorial ally on the Mediterranean, Bashar al-Assad.

It may sound paradoxical—helping the enemy of your friend—but the logic is actually straightforward: Better the terrorists go abroad and fight in Syria than blow things up in Russia. Penetrating and co-opting terrorism also has a long, well-attested history in the annals of Chekist tradecraft.

Russia Is Sending Jihadis to Join ISIS – The Daily Beast

‘Shaken’ Pope Francis says Paris horror a ‘piece of World War III’

Commenting on Sunday’s Scripture readings, the Pope said that Jesus’ preaching about the end of the world contains “apocalyptic elements, like war, famine, and cosmic catastrophes”.

French president Francois Hollande has denounced the attacks as an “act of war” and vowed that France would be “pitiless” in its response to the “absolute barbarity”.

Pope Francis condemned the terror attacks in Paris, saying in his Sunday address to pilgrims in St. Peter’s Square that “the road of violence and hate does not resolve the problems of humanity”. The document in which the Islamic State claims responsibility for the attacks will be investigated by the French authorities.

Francis unequivocally recognized the Islamist ideology behind the attacks, denouncing the use of God’s name to justify the brutal attacks as “blasphemy”.

‘Shaken’ Pope Francis says Paris horror a ‘piece of World War III’

The Muslim god is not the same as the Christian God. We can see that in 666. And the Pope needs to worry about himself:

Yoma 10a in the Talmud – “Rabbi Yochanan said in the name of Rabbi Yehuda in the name of Rabbi Ilayi: In the time to come, Rome will fall at the hands of Persia.”

A Prophecy Fulfilled: Sept. 4, 2015 – Blogs – Jerusalem Post

Allah has promised that Muslims will eventually conquer Rome:

Foreign Al Qaeda Fighter in Syria We Will Conquer Jerusalem, Rome, and Spain (Andelusia)

The Days are Numbered for the West

If you don’t have the will to fight one of the most ruthless groups on the planet – ISIS, and you even call the ISIS attackers victims, then you are in serious trouble. But what kind of trouble?

In Paris Neighborhood Heavily Hit by Terrorists, Residents View Attackers as Victims

“It’s very personal, what’s happened,” said Stephan Byatt, an actor who lives on a nearby street. He has a hard time finding the words to describe what he’s feeling. His friend, Bruno Michlaud, a graphic artist, tries to help out. “It’s a symbol of Paris, a symbol of life. They hurt us in the center of our lives and each of us could have been one of those killed.”

But they aren’t angry, at least not at the perpetrators. “They’re stupid, but they aren’t evil,” their friend Sabrina, an administrative worker in one of the theaters in the 11th arrondissement, said. “They are victims of a system that excluded them from society, that’s why they felt this doesn’t belong to them and they could attack. There are those who live here in alienation, and we are all to blame for this alienation.”…

“After the attacks in January, they said we should unite, but that essentially meant that we should be together and not think independently,” says Clemens Mama, a teacher. “They don’t want us to think that maybe it’s connected to the policies of our government and of the United States in the Middle East.” No, she wasn’t surprised that the attackers apparently included people who were born and raised in France. “These are people the government gave up on, and you have to ask why,” she said.

In Paris neighborhood heavily hit by terrorists, residents view attackers as victims

Thanks to the rise of modern liberalism in the West, it is completely ill-equipped to deal with big threats. That’s because of a few (wrong) assumptions:

  1. All people are basically good.
  2. Reactions are proportional.
  3. No religion is better or worse than any other.

We can see that if people are basically good, then the only reasons people and/or countries behave badly is because they were provoked. By whom? The West, Israel or the successful. Countries cannot have an agenda of their own.

The amount of bad behavior a person or country exhibits is directly proportional to its victimization. Therefore, it is impossible that one or more countries would attack the West with nuclear weapons unless the West used them first. Islamic terror will end when the West plays nice with Muslims.

Since religions don’t matter, why not invite millions of Muslims into Europe? It’s not like they are going to commit acts of terror, right?

The above explanation is what the modern liberal believes. And modern liberalism is the dominate force in the West today.

People and/or countries act in their own best interest. And sometimes that means others get hurt. People and/or countries can have an agenda of their own: Spreading Sharia law across the world, creating spheres of influence, or righting historical wrongs.

Since the West is living in some kind of alternate universe of its own making, hard reality is going to give it some nasty lessons. And Islam is going to be helping in that instruction process.

You can see that the dominate force in the West today, modern liberalism, effectively calls bad good and good bad.

French Leftists: Paris Killers are “Victims”, “We Are All to Blame” | Frontpage Mag

I still remember September 11, 2001 in New York City.

There were plenty of vigils and memorials, but some were sick perverse leftist events at which the killers were commemorated along with the victims and candles were lit for “victims” of American foreign policy. So this doesn’t surprise me at all. Expressions of mourning and sadness mean little without a moral center. They just become narcissistic “I feel bad” spectacles.

That’s the reality in parts of New York, Tel Aviv or Paris.

It was hard to find anyone at this gathering who would say a bad word about the attackers, and expressions of patriotism were restrained. Perhaps it should be no surprise in this part of town. Most residents of the 11th arrondissement are what the French call “bobo,” bohemian and bourgeois, middle-class academics in their 30s and 40s with clearly leftist leanings.

It’s a tolerant area, where migrants and minorities feel safe walking around…

It just isn’t tolerant of patriotism.

Almost no one who had gathered near the sites of the attacks held flags. Jean Marc Montaine, an older man who was carrying the Tricolore, felt unwanted and distanced himself from the others. He was dismissive of the bleeding hearts, however.

A woman standing outside the La Carillon bar, one of the establishments targeted, started softly singing “La Marseillaise,” the French national anthem, but no one joined her, in stark contrast to the powerful singing heard Friday night when the crowd was evacuated from the Stade de France Friday night after the suicide bombings outside it.

Sorry no patriotism here, we’re transnationalists. They might sing John Lennon’s Imagine, but not “La Marseillaise.”

French Leftists: Paris Killers are “Victims”, “We Are All to Blame” | Frontpage Mag

The rules of modern liberalism extend into economic outcome:

  1. People and nations should end up at about the same place economically.
  2. If people/nations get ahead then that is evidence of some kind of cheating.
  3. If people/nations get behind then that is evidence of some kind of victimization.
  4. Bad behavior must be directionly proportional to the victimization.

These rules provide the foundation for targeting the successful. Treating the successful differently just because of their income is in fact discrimination by theft. There must be some other reason to target them. And the reason is that they cheated or had some kind of unfair advantage. Excessively stripping them of their wealthy is only bringing things back into balance.

The attack on Paris, France is really just a sign of serious and deep problems affecting the West. If the people in the West won’t defend themselves, then who will?

Where are we headed? Just look to the song “Imagine.”

There is no heaven or hell, no religion (tear down Christianity), no planning for the future (living for today), no countries (open borders), no possessions (the state gives you everything you need) and the world will be one (worldwide socialism.) This is about utopia. They always promise heaven (utopia) but deliver hell. A couple of examples are Mao and Stalin. Modern liberalism is a carefully hidden version of communism. We effectively end up at the same place. There is an illusion of freedom but the state has its tentacles everywhere.

Imagine (UNICEF: World Version)

Have you noticed what is happening in our universities?

In solidarity with the protests occurring at the University of Missouri and Yale University, a growing number of college students have taken action to address the systemic injustices plaguing their campus. Aside from two brief moments of solidarity, students at Vanderbilt University have remained silent. This silence ends today.

The list of demands delivered to Chancellor Zeppos and his administration has been at their disposal for over two years. Hidden Dores, a grassroots movement committed “to induce structural change” at Vanderbilt, has worked tirelessly with the administration to create an environment wherein students of color can feel safe. Thanks to the student-led campus activism, Chancellor Zeppos declared diversity and inclusion to be a paramount concern in August of this year. Since then, the university has spearheaded lackluster initiatives including instituting the Office of Inclusion Initiatives and Cultural Competence and the Diversity and the Inclusion and Community Committee (a 15-person faculty team). These committees, which have yet to better the personal and academic lives of marginalized students, were started at the expense of dissolving the Office of Multicultural Affairs; the only entity on the campus that dealt explicitly with race. The disconnect between rhetoric and reality makes clear that as Zeppos and his team endeavor to resolve the racial disparities on this campus, they install new hurdles for their students to overcome.

Vanderbilt University Wants Our Bodies But Not Our Baggage | Erin Logan

Is there not some grain of truth to the following video about modern education?

Our modern education system has reached the point of “nuts.” The schools are nuts and so are a lot of its students. They are just plain nuts.

Let me explain how failed (stupid) ideas can come to dominate big institutions like universities, school systems in general and the military. When a system fails to properly reward success and fails to properly punish failure, then the successful people will seek to leave over time and the mediocre to poor people will remain. As you move this system forward in time 50 years, you end up with dominate ideas by mediocre people (who now inhabit the leadership) that sound good but more often than not don’t work well. We saw this concept in action during the 2008 financial crash – the utter incompetence of economists. We are seeing this concept in action in universities in all departments except the hard sciences.

The best course of action would be to shut down government funding (student loans) for universities.

For several years now, whenever I’ve visited a college campus, I’ve tried to make the following point. It basically goes like this:

You kids think it is somehow rebellious to be liberal. So let me see if I get this right. The administrators at this school are liberal. The professors are liberal. Your high-school teachers were probably liberal. Your textbooks are, for the most part, liberal. Hollywood is liberal. The music industry is liberal. The fashion industry is liberal. Publishing is liberal. The mainstream media are liberal. Silicon Valley is liberal. Believe it or not, most corporations and the overwhelming majority of charitable foundations are liberal.

And yet, you think you’re sticking it to the man by agreeing with them?

Moreover, it’s been like this for generations. It was true when most of these administrators and faculty were born — they have grown up inside a universe where this fact was simply taken for granted. With the Left given total control of these oases of tolerance and citadels of progressivism, what do we get?

Missouri & Yale Student Protests — Campus Madness Is the Work of the Left | National Review Online

Bad ideas as universities can cause serious problems. Like in the field of economics:

“The purpose of studying economics is not to acquire a set of ready-made answers to economic questions, but to learn how to avoid being deceived by economists.” — Joan Robinson

This time of year is filled with retrospectives and “best of” lists. I’d prefer a more enlightened discussion about bad ideas. Or rather, zombie ideas: the memes, theories and policies that refuse to die, despite their obvious failings. Why do we embrace the terrible, fall in love with the wrong, bet money on the fictitious? Nowhere is this truer than in the fields of economics and investing. Together they have produced a long list of thoroughly debunked ideas. Despite this, many of these zombie ideas still have a vice grip on amateurs and professionals alike. What is it about us and this intellectual voodoo? We keep repeating the same mistakes over and over. It is maddening. Let’s count the ways:

Why don’t bad ideas ever die? – Washington Post

Where is the big picture here?

Do you see it?

When a process does not sufficiently punish bad ideas and reward good ideas, the mediocre and the poor (ideas) will rise to the top.


If people are not sufficiently rewarded, then they will move to other areas. People with bad ideas will tend to stay. In time the process will end up promoting the mediocre and incompetent along with their ideas.

In the article “General Failure“, we learn how the above process causes mediocre and incompetent officers to rise to leading positions in the military.

Here are the laws and corollaries of modern liberal as told by Evan Sayet:


  1. Indiscriminateness – the total rejection of the intellectual process – is an absolute moral imperative.
  2. Indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of policies. It leads to siding only and always with the lesser over the better, the wrong over the right, and the evil over the good.
  3. Modern Liberal policies occur in tandem. Each effort on behalf of the lesser is met with an equal and opposite campaign against the better.
  4. The Modern Liberal will ascribe to the better the negative qualities associated with the lesser while concurrently ascribing to the lesser the positive qualities found in the better.


  1. The Modern Liberal may have personal standards but he must deny them and militate against their use and those who use them in the public arena.
  2. Modern Liberals do not and cannot seek to better themselves or society. Instead they must lower others and society to their level.
  3. Modern Liberals have secondary policies that are meant only to somewhat mitigate the greater suffering that their primary policies created or exacerbated.

PJ Lifestyle » Dissecting Baby Boomer Liberalism Like a Frog in Science Class

The modern liberal has one very important rule: You must be one of them. If you are not one of them then you will be attacked. Maybe your career will be wrecked. Maybe you will end up in court. Maybe you will just get harassed.

The immediate goal of modern liberal is “the equal.” Equal is the new better. Better is not better. Equal is better. Unfortunately, putting downward pressure on better in order to make equal just punishes down the entire society. Lifting up “the worse” just encourages people to stay in that condition – heavy dependence on the state. In time everything will just collapse.

Given all of this insanity, the future does not bode well for the West.

Russia says Hezbollah, Hamas not terror groups | The Times of Israel

“Some say Hezbollah is a terrorist organization,” Bogdanov was quoted as saying. “We maintain contacts and relations with them because we do not consider them a terrorist organization.”

The Russian official noted that members of the Shiite group’s political wing were legally elected to Lebanese Parliament, and that the organization had never carried out attacks on Russian soil. He added that the group was a “legitimate sociopolitical” force.

Bogdanov also said Russia does not consider Gaza-based Hamas and the Kurdish Democratic Unity Party as terrorist groups.

Russia says Hezbollah, Hamas not terror groups | The Times of Israel

Bible Offers Clue for Success of Islamic Terrorists Before End of Days – Israel News

The same is true in our time. The evil Muslim terrorists own the streets today, but, according to Jewish wisdom, their very presence informs us that redemption is just around the corner.

In his book The Ishmaelite Exile, Rabbi Yechiel Weitzman quotes Rabbi Chaim Vital, a 16th century mystical rabbi and writer who taught, “Ishmael is destined to rule over the world and over Israel at the End of Days.” Weitzman also quotes the 14th century sage Rabbi Jacob ben Asher, also known as Ba’al HaTurim, who predicted, “[W]hen Ishmael will fall at the End of Days, the son of David will rise.”

The descendants of Ishmael have certain spiritual merits. Traditional Muslims pray five times a day. They are charitable, eat only permissible foods and ritually circumcise their sons. Most importantly, Muslims proclaim their allegiance to God by reciting Allahu Akbar [God is the greatest] over all their activities, including acts of terrorism.

Bible Offers Clue for Success of Islamic Terrorists Before End of Days – Israel News

US, UK intercepts reportedly revealed ISIS ‘chatter’ days before Russia plane crash | Fox News

Communications of known Islamist militants intercepted by U.S. and British intelligence following the crash of a Russian passenger plane in the Sinai Peninsula last weekend indicated that ISIS terrorists had planned a major attack in the region, according to Britain’s Daily Telegraph.

The paper reported that the intercepts were the key factor in British Prime Minister David Cameron’s decision Wednesday to suspend flights to and from the Sinai Peninsula. Cameron said Thursday that it was “more likely than not” the case that the jet was brought down by a bomb. 

The Telegraph also reported that investigators are focusing on the possibility that a baggage handler at the Sharm el-Sheikh airport smuggled a bomb on board the doomed Airbus A321-200, which killed all 224 people on board when it crashed 23 minutes after takeoff Saturday. 

US, UK intercepts reportedly revealed ISIS ‘chatter’ days before Russia plane crash | Fox News

Report: Iran Boosts Terror Activities Across Globe | Washington Free Beacon

Iran has increased its efforts to finance and carry out terrorist activities across the world and a remains a top nuclear proliferation threat, according to a new State Department assessment.

Iran is funding and arming leading terrorist groups in the Middle East and elsewhere, according to the State Department’s 2014 Country Reports on Terrorism, which thoroughly documents how Tehran continues to act of a leading sponsor terror groups that pose a direct threat to the United States.

Report: Iran Boosts Terror Activities Across Globe | Washington Free Beacon

Major terror attack against India could trigger nuclear war: Experts – The Economic Times

Pakistan may use nuclear weapons against India if the latter goes for a large scale military assault against it in retaliation for a major terror attack emanating from across the border, two top American experts have warned US lawmakers.

Given the presence of a strong government in New Delhi and the pressure on it from Indian citizens in the event of a repeat of 26/11 type terror attack, the ties between the two neighbours have greater danger of escalating towards a devastating nuclear warfare, in particular from Pakistan.

Major terror attack against India could trigger nuclear war: Experts – The Economic Times

Why Russia Should be Added to the State Sponsors of Terrorism List | Foreign Affairs

Ukraine has also requested compensation from Russia for its aggression and asked the United Nations to condemn the country for breaking the International Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism, which was adopted by the UN in December 1999. It has likewise demanded that the International Criminal Court and European Court on Human Rights (ECHR) charge Russia with financing and supporting terrorism. Indeed, the government has already sent three specific claims to the ECHR charging Russia with supporting and arming violent groups in the Donbas, annexing Crimea, and tampering with Ukrainian-owned businesses and state structures there. Ukraine’s government believes that Russian occupation authorities have stolen billions of dollars of Ukrainian state and private assets.

Ukraine’s demands for justice should not be ignored. The Donbas separatist groups do, indeed, fit the definition of terrorist groups, especially after the Mariupol rocket attack. And there are multiple sources that point to Russian training and military support for them.

Of course, Washington has been reluctant to call the Donbas separatist groups terrorists or recognize the Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics as terrorist states, as Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko requested during his October visit to Washington DC. Doing so would inevitably push the Untied States to put Russia on its list as a state sponsor of terrorism alongside Iran, Sudan, and Syria. The EU would be obliged to follow suit, and tougher sanctions would follow. For the last few months, the West has viewed the further escalation of tensions with Russia as unwise.

But the Mariupol attack could change that calculation. Soon after it, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry blamed Russia for the carnage, as did the NATO general secretary. With Russia blatantly ignoring every article of the Minsk peace accords it signed with Ukraine and with it supporting a two-pronged military and terrorist campaign against and inside Ukraine, the United States and the European Union should reassess their stance. It is time to call Russia what it is: a state sponsor of terrorism.

Taras Kuzio| Why Russia Should be Added to the State Sponsors of Terrorism List | Foreign Affairs