Once ISIS is eliminated, Hezbollah will take its place | Ynetnews

Analysis: Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Yemen are all up to their necks in wars taking place in their territories or near their borders. After the war on jihadist terror is over and the Islamic State is destroyed, Hezbollah will become the region’s leading terror organization—and a close and imminent problem for Israel.

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Intoxicated with victory, Hezbollah activists have warned that Arsal is just an exercise for of a war with Israel. Senior members of the organization have even compared their war to the Iraqi army’s victory over ISIS in Mosul. Commentators in the Sunni world have warned that the real goal of Hezbollah’s operation is to perform an ethnic cleansing and expel not only the al-Nusra Front organization (which is now called Fateh al-Sham) to the Syrian city of Idlib, but the entire Sunni population. It plans to replace them with a supportive Shiite population, as it has done in areas conquered by Hezbollah in Syria.

Ynetnews Opinion – Once ISIS is eliminated, Hezbollah will take its place