Why Civilizations Fail: The Lack of Faith | Algemeiner.com

“The real challenge is not poverty, but affluence — not insecurity but security, not slavery but freedom.”

Ibn Khaldun argued that when a civilization becomes great, its elites get used to luxury and comfort, and the people as a whole lose what he called their asabiyah — their social solidarity. The people then become prey to a conquering enemy, less civilized than they are, but more cohesive and driven.

Vico described a similar cycle:

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People first sense what is necessary, then consider what is useful, next attend to comfort, later delight in pleasures, soon grow dissolute in luxury, and finally go mad squandering their estates.

Why Civilizations Fail: The Lack of Faith | Algemeiner.com

This all gets back to my argument:

Crash = Time + Stability

The seeds of destruction are sown during the good times. During the summer people forget that winter is coming. And it is during the summer that you want to start preparing for winter.