Nuclear Anxiety Returns to America – The Atlantic

People are talking about thermonuclear war again—and they’re out of practice.

In the second week of August 2017, the American public began to do something that felt distinctly 20th century: Consider the consequences of a nuclear war. Two things became clear. First, nuclear anxiety had arrived again as a mass cultural force in American life—or, at least, some accelerated internet-era version of it. Second, the public (and the American president) was obviously out of practice in thinking about it.

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The episode began in earnest on Wednesday, when The Washington Post reported that at least one intelligence agency believed that North Korea could now miniaturize its nuclear weapons to fit into an intercontinental ballistic missile. If true, it represents an alarming technological breakthrough for the nation.

Nuclear Anxiety Returns to America – The Atlantic

If the general masses are getting a clue about the threat of nuclear war, then we must be close.