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Are We Moving Toward World War III? George Friedman’s Groundbreaking Documentary (Trailer)

The full documentary:

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“The last time I saw a pattern like this was World War II.”
“The pattern is enormously ominous.”
“There is a global region that is destabilizing in a way not seen for over 70 years.”

The problem is like a forest that has several fires burning, and we can’t put them out. What is going to happen? It’s not too hard to figure out that the entire forest is going to burn down.

Today there are three regional conflicts that are backed by major powers:

1. The Syrian conflict
2. The Ukraine conflict
3. China in the South China Sea and East China Sea.

Right now these three conflicts are burning with varying degrees of intensity. But there is no way to stop them. They will intensify. And there is no way to stop them from turning into a great-power war.

We have entered a very dangerous period in history. The likelihood of a great-power nuclear war is the highest it has ever been.

Monitoring emerging risks.