It looks like the ‘Obama Doctrine’ is failing – Business Insider

In Syria, U.S.-trained rebels surrender supplies and ammunition to al Qaeda-linked insurgents. In Iraq, the battle by American-backed government forces against Islamic State is at a stalemate. In Afghanistan, the Taliban seize a provincial capital for the first time since their ouster in 2001.

Less than a year and a half after President Barack Obama used a West Point speech to lay out a strategy for relying on local partners instead of large-scale U.S. military deployments abroad, there is mounting evidence that the so-called “Obama Doctrine” may be failing.

It looks like the ‘Obama Doctrine’ is failing – Business Insider

Saudi Arabia insists Assad must go or be overthrown – Yahoo News

Syrian leader Bashar al-Assad must leave office or face being turfed out by force, Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir said, rejecting Russia’s bid to build support for its ally.

Speaking in New York after meeting Saudi Arabia’s allies, Jubeir on Tuesday dismissed Russia’s call for a coalition to defend Assad against the Islamic State group as a “non-starter.”

He warned that other countries would step up support for rebels from Syria’s moderate opposition, leaving Assad with no choice but to step down or face what he called the “military option.”

Saudi Arabia insists Assad must go or be overthrown – Yahoo News

Russia war threat: Army calls for Britain to invest in SUPER battle tanks to take on Putin | UK | News | Daily Express

BRITAIN must invest in its fleet of main battle tanks to meet an increasing threat of ground war with Russia, senior Army officers have warned.

But Russian aggression in Eastern Europe, an increase in Nato air-space incursions by Russian bombers, and the development of a new Russian “super tank” has led senior commanders to admit that the prospects of a conventional ground war In Eastern Europe can no longer be ignored.

The British Army has 227 Challenger 2 main battle tanks but, while they are still respected, they are in urgent need of upgrade.

Russia war threat: Army calls for Britain to invest in SUPER battle tanks to take on Putin | UK | News | Daily Express

Russia Buildup Seen as Fanning Flames in Syria – The New York Times

Russia’s military buildup in Syria will probably prolong the life of the beleaguered government of President Bashar al-Assad, Pentagon officials and foreign policy experts say, but is unlikely to be a major factor in the campaign to defeat the Islamic State, and could further inflame — and lengthen — the conflict.

Adel al-Jubeir, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister, said Tuesday that there were no circumstances in which his country would accept the Russian effort to keep Mr. Assad in power.

He hinted that if a political solution that led to his departure could not be found, the shipment of weapons and other support to Syrian rebel groups would be increased.

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter warned last week that Moscow’s military buildup could amount to “pouring gasoline on a fire.” But as American officials see it, the buildup enables Russia to simultaneously pursue several longstanding goals.

They see Russia as trying to avert the collapse of the Assad government for as long as it can while it establishes its most important foothold in the Middle East in decades. That military presence in Syria could remain in place even if Mr. Assad is eventually supplanted by a new government, because Russia would be a part of any transition talks. And if Russia, in the middle of all of this maneuvering, can also damage the Islamic State, then so much the better for Moscow.

Speaking at the German Marshall Fund of the United States on Monday, Gen. Philip M. Breedlove, the supreme allied commander for Europe, gave a long list of what he believed to be Russia’s aims in Syria.

“First of all, I think that Russia very much wants to be seen as an equal on the world stage,” he said. Next, Moscow “wants to take the world’s eyes away from what they’re doing in Ukraine.”

Its other goals include maintaining “warm-water ports and airfield capabilities in the eastern Mediterranean” and prolonging the Assad government.

“And then, after all that,” he said, “they will do some counter-ISIL work in order to legitimize their approach in Syria.”

Other experts, however, said that while the Russian military was likely to help Mr. Assad in the short term, the longer-term challenges for the Russian military remained formidable.

Russia Buildup Seen as Fanning Flames in Syria – The New York Times

Russia appears to be positioning itself such that no matter what happens in Syria Russia will have a great deal of leverage in the final outcome.

Putin’s New Axis of Resistance: Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Hezbollah – The Daily Beast

Putin’s strategy—in Georgia, Estonia, in Ukraine, and now in Syria—is transparently simple. He wishes to define himself as the defender of independent nations who dare to defy Western imperialists and their puppet states. In Putin’s rhetoric, anti-authoritarian revolutions are Western proxy wars, “human rights violations” are excuses for Western annexation of sovereign governments, economic agreements designed to modernize economies and defensive pacts voluntarily signed in light of Russian aggression are really daggers pointed at the Russian Motherland. And anyone who defies Russia or its allies is either a “terrorist” or a “Nazi.”

Putin’s New Axis of Resistance: Russia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Hezbollah – The Daily Beast

Russia is clearly in bed with terrorists. What a shock. The mob (Russia) climbs into bed with terrorists (Iran, Iraq, Syria and Hezbollah.) Too bad Putin’s brilliance may just come back to bite him. What’s happens if Israel goes to war against Hezbollah?

IDF Gears Up for Possible Ground Operation with Russian-Armed Hezbollah | PJ Tatler

Russia has joined with Syria and Iran to create a “joint operations room” to address the Islamic State uprising:

The newspaper quotes official sources as saying that each party will be responsible for particular areas of Syria, with Russia operating in Latakia, Hama and some parts of the Aleppo province, while Iran will be defending the capital Damascus and down to Quneitra on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights. The report also states that some 100 Iranian special forces trained in urban warfare have arrived in Damascus.

As a result, Israel is preparing for potential terror attacks along the border with Syria:

Meanwhile, the Israel Defense Forces has been preparing for a possible ground operation on the Syrian side of the Golan in the event of sustained rocket strikes or coordinated terror attacks against Israel either by Sunni jihadists or Hezbollah.

The number of Islamists flooding into the area close to the border with Israel has the IDF on high alert, Channel 2 reported last month, adding that the military had held a large-scale drill simulating a possible advance into Syria and the evacuation of Israeli civilians from border communities.

IDF Gears Up for Possible Ground Operation with Russian-Armed Hezbollah | PJ Tatler

If Israel goes to war against Hezbollah then it is almost certain that Syria and Hamas will join together against Israel. And if Israel is forced to use nuclear weapons to defend itself then that would clearly represent a potential Sarajevo moment: Russia’s allies getting wiped out and a couple thousand of its own military.

The Russian Federation reserves the right to use nuclear weapons in reply to strikes with nuclear weapons or other weapons of mass destruction on its territory or on the territory of its allies. A strike is also possible in case of an aggression with use of conventional weapons that put the very existence of the Russian Federation into question.”

The doctrine gives the right of final decision on nuclear strike to the president.

Preemptive nuclear strike omitted from Russia’s new military doctrine – reports — RT Russian politics

Israeli use of nuclear weapons against Syria, Hezbollah or Iran would clearly qualify for a Russian nuclear response based on its current nuclear doctrine. Technically, Russia does not now have a preemptive nuclear strike doctrine, but the reality is different. Putin has the right of final decision. He can just argue that conventional weapons arrayed against Russia represent a grave threat.

China’s Coming Great Depression

China is on the road to its own Great Depression. The causes of our Great Depression are still hotly debated, but the best explanation comes from Friedrich Hayek, aided by the work of Milton Friedman: the depression was brought and prolonged by loose monetary policy in the 1920s, followed by a too-tight money policy after the initial bust. The misguided supply-side policies of Hoover and Roosevelt served to postpone the recovery further. China’s depression will stem from similar causes.

China’s massive over-indebtedness, which underlies its current slowdown, is the inevitable outcome of its easy money policy of the recent past. But China’s monetary policy is increasingly becoming far too tight, even as China’s central bank attempts to accomplish the opposite. Misguided supply-side policies will compound these problems in a lurch away from economic liberalization, toward increased state control of industry. Put all these factors together, and China heads into a depression.

To better understand, start with how China got into this mess.

China’s Coming Great Depression

Hamas: All of Israel is Ours – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva

Ismail Haniyeh threatens entire Jewish state with ‘punishment’ for ‘taking Palestinian land,’ hours before Temple Mount riot.

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh pushed for Palestinian Arabs to rededicate themselves to resisting the “Zionist Occupation” on Sunday, in a speech in honor of the Muslim holiday of Eid Al-Adha.

In his speech, Haniyeh claimed that Israel was attempting to “Judaize” Jerusalem, as well as Judaism’s holiest site, the Temple Mount.

“The occupiers want to change the characteristics of the history, geography and culture in Jerusalem, but our people, led by men and women clinging to the Al-Aqsa Mosque and around Beit al-Maqdis, stand against this attack and this war, with heroism and courage in their hearts, and they stress that this is our country,” he said.

Hamas: All of Israel is Ours – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva

Russia’s Military Buildup in Syria Targets US: NATO Chief | DoD Buzz

“These very sophisticated air defense capabilities are not about ISIL, they’re about something else. High on Mr. Putin’s list in Syria is preserving the regime against those that are putting pressure on the regime and against those that they see who might be supporting those putting pressure on the regime,” he said.

Breedlove said he also was concerned about Russia developing a defensive “bubble” of so-called anti-access, area-denial (A2AD) anti-ship and anti-air missiles around the naval base of Tartus that Russia has maintained in northeastern Syria for decades.

“It’s one of the things we are beginning to watch (them) develop in the northeast Mediterranean as we see these very capable air defense capabilities beginning to show up in Syria,” Breedlove said. “We are a little worried about another A2AD bubble being created in the eastern Mediterranean.”

Russia’s Military Buildup in Syria Targets US: NATO Chief | DoD Buzz

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing | Zero Hedge

Right now, stock market wealth is being wiped out all over the planet, and none of the largest global economies have been exempt from this.  The following is a summary of what we have seen in recent days…

#1 The United States – The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down more than 2000 points since the peak of the market.  Last month we saw stocks decline by more than 500 points on consecutive trading days for the first time ever, and there has not been this much turmoil in U.S. markets since the fall of 2008.

#2 China – The Shanghai Composite Index has plummeted nearly 40 percent since hitting a peak earlier this year.  The Chinese economy is steadily slowing down, and we just learned that China’s manufacturing index has hit a 78 month low.

#3 Japan – The Nikkei has experienced extremely violent moves recently, and it is now down more than 3000 points from the peak that was hit earlier in 2015.  The Japanese economy and the Japanese financial system are both basket cases at this point, and it isn’t going to take much to push Japan into a full-blown financial collapse.

#4 Germany – Almost one-fourth of the value of German stocks has already been wiped out, and this crash threatens to get much worse.  The Volkswagen emissions scandal is making headlines all over the globe, and don’t forget to watch for massive trouble at Germany’s biggest bank.

#5 The United Kingdom – British stocks are down about 16 percent from the peak of the market, and the UK economy is definitely on shaky ground.

#6 France – French stocks have declined nearly 18 percent, and it has become exceedingly apparent that France is on the exact same path that Greece has already gone down.

#7 Brazil – Brazil is the epicenter of the South American financial crisis of 2015.  Stocks in Brazil have plunged more than 12,000 points since the peak, and the nation has already officially entered a new recession.

#8 Italy – Watch Italy.  Italian stocks are already down 15 percent, and look for the Italian economy to make very big headlines in the months ahead.

#9 India – Stocks in India have now dropped close to 4000 points, and analysts are deeply concerned about this major exporting nation as global trade continues to contract.

#10 Russia – Even though the price of oil has crashed, Russia is actually doing better than almost everyone else on this list.  Russian stocks have fallen by about 10 percent so far, and if the price of oil stays this low the Russian financial system will continue to suffer.

The Stock Markets Of The 10 Largest Global Economies Are All Crashing | Zero Hedge

Nuclear TSUNAMI: ISIS wants to wipe hundreds of millions from face of the earth

After embedding with ISIS for 10 days, senior journalist reveals they are planning ‘the largest religious cleansing in history.’

According to the journalist, the West is unprepared for ISIS. He writes that “the terrorists plan on killing several hundred million people. The west is drastically underestimating the power of ISIS.”

ISIS intends to get its hands on nuclear weapons, says Todenhofer, calling the group a “nuclear tsunami preparing the largest religious cleansing in history.”

Those warnings are made all the more stark by the possibility of a nuclear arms race in the Middle East sparked by the Iran nuclear deal, with rival states such as Saudi Arabia eyeing their own nuclear arsenal leading to a higher proliferation – and a higher chance that nuclear weapons could fall into ISIS hands.
German Reporter: ISIS Plans ‘Nuclear Tsunami’ – Middle East – News – Arutz Sheva

Nuclear TSUNAMI: ISIS wants to wipe hundreds of millions from face of the earth

ISLAMIC State is a ‘nuclear tsunami’ that wants to wipe hundreds of millions from the face of the earth in the biggest religious holocaust the world has ever seen.

ISIS plan Islamic nuclear holocaust to wipe hundreds of millions from face of earth | World | News | Daily Express

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