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Russian Military on Alert After Suspected Israeli Airstrike Destroys Russian Missiles in Syria | StratRisks

Tens of thousands of Russian troops have been placed on alert after a suspected Israeli airstrike destroyed advanced, Russian missiles recently delivered to Syria.

In a July 13 report from the official Russian news agency, ITAR-TASS, The Russian Defense Ministry has announced what is being described as  “the most ambitious [check alert] in the history of post-Soviet test readiness.” A check alert, according to the Defense Ministry is a mobilization for exercises designed “to test the readiness of units to perform assigned tasks, and assessment of the level of training of personnel, staffing and technical readiness units and formations with arms and military equipment.” The alert, according to the ITAR-TASS report, involves more than 80,000 troops, around a thousand tanks and armored personnel carriers, some 130 aircraft and 70 naval vessels.

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This massive military alert is seen as a response to the disclosure Friday to CNN, by unnamed US officials, that the destruction of the Russian missiles in Syria was a result of Israeli airstrikes.

Russian Military on Alert After Suspected Israeli Airstrike Destroys Russian Missiles in Syria | StratRisks

Israel fires warning Tamuz missile into Syria as Gaza front escalates

Israel’s deteriorating security situation erupted simultaneously on two fronts Sunday, Nov. 11. The IDF fired a Tamuz precision guided missile against a mortar position 4 kilometers inside Syria after a stray mortar hit the IDF Golan defense post at Tel Hazaka. It was the fourth incident of cross-border violence from the Syrian conflict in 10 days and the first time Israel had fired across the Golan border since the 1973 war. The Tamuz was developed by RAFAEL and is operated from specially modified M-113 Hafiz armored personnel carriers.

Israel’s military command expects the military confrontation on the Gaza front to escalate. Israel’s emergency services have been elevated to maximum C-level preparedness in the South and also further north, in case Hamas expands its rocket offensive to central Israel as well.

Israel fires warning Tamuz missile into Syria as Gaza front escalates

China at odds with U.S. on Iran arms sales

The Washington-based Center for Strategic and International Studies, or CSIS, said that such exports include fighter jets, main battle tanks and naval vessels.

“China is an important arms supplier for Iran,” the CSIS report said.

China also is supplying roadside bombs and landmines in addition to anti-ship cruise missiles, air defense systems and armored personnel carriers. While such supplies have dropped in recent years, Washington objected to those sales as well.

China at odds with U.S. on Iran arms sales

Something Big Is Happening in the Streets of Moscow

No one’s quite sure what’s going on in the streets of Moscow — or what to call it — but it’s growing and powerful … and could all end badly

MOSCOW – Tonight is the first night without protests here since some 6,000 young people gathered Monday night to express their frustration with the electoral fraud in Sunday’s parliamentary elections and, more broadly, the institution of Putinism. They came out again Tuesday night, where they were met by thousands of drum-beating pro-Kremlin youth activists. And again on Wednesday. Nearly 1,000 people were arrested, and many of them — including anti-corruption blogger Alexey Navalny, a political rising star since he coined the phrase “Party of Crooks and Thieves” to describe Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia — are still in jail. Moscow is filled with tens of thousands of extra Interior Ministry troops and armored personnel carriers, and the city’s skies crackle with the sound of helicopter blades.

But what’s next? In short: No one knows….

The Decembrists – By Julia Ioffe | Foreign Policy

Israel Keeps Eye on Rising Egyptian Threat

“They (the Israel Defense Forces) did not have to build up a capability to counter the military in Egypt,” Katz said. “That’s no longer the case.”

After four wars, Egypt signed a peace treaty with Israel in 1979. But since the fall of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in February, the Muslim Brotherhood is calling for an end to the treaty.

A recent opinion poll showed a majority of Egyptians favor such a move, which means Israel may have to build defensive or even offensive capabilities in the south.

“That means increasing defense budget, adding new fighter jet squadrons, new unmanned aerial vehicles, more tanks, more armored personnel carriers, new divisions,” Katz said.

“So it’s a complete new change and possible revolution for the military,” he said.

Israel Keeps Eye on Rising Egyptian Threat – Inside Israel – CBN News – Christian News 24-7 – CBN.com

New Israeli technology, making a tank disappear

Eltics Ltd., an Israeli start-up that develops electronic warfare systems, says it has come up with technology that will eventually turn fantasy into reality — a system that can make tanks, armored personnel carriers, helicopter gunships and even naval vessels invisible to night vision systems and heat-seeking missiles.

New Israeli technology, making a tank disappear