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You Thought the Brotherhood Was Bad? – By Marina Ottaway | Foreign Policy

In one of the many bizarre twists of Egypt’s recent political convulsion, hardline Salafi parties look poised to replace the Muslim Brotherhood as the most important Islamist players in the political process. It’s a situation ripe with irony: For years, the Brotherhood represented the “good guys” of the Islamist world — a movement that other parties could deal with — while the Salafis were irreconcilable zealots bent on establishing an Islamist state by any means necessary. But with former “bad guys” redeeming themselves by siding with the opposition in the weeks preceding President Mohamed Morsy’s ouster, they now have a shot at becoming the standard-bearers for
Islamist politics in the Arab world’s largest nation.

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You Thought the Brotherhood Was Bad? – By Marina Ottaway | Foreign Policy

Navy’s New Laser Weapon Blasts Bad Guys From Air, Sea – Yahoo! News

No longer the fantasy weapon of tomorrow, the U.S. Navy is set to field a powerful laser that can protect its ships by blasting targets with high-intensity light beams.

Early next year the Navy will place a laser weapon aboard a ship in the Persian Gulf where it could be used to fend off approaching unmanned aerial vehicles or speedboats.

The Navy calls its futuristic weapon LAWS, which stands for the Laser Weapon System. What looks like a small telescope is actually a weapon that can track a moving target and fire a steady laser beam strong enough to burn a hole through steel.

A Navy video of testing conducted last summer off the coast of California shows how a laser beam fired from a Navy destroyer was able to set aflame an approaching UAV or drone, sending it crashing into the ocean.

Navy’s New Laser Weapon Blasts Bad Guys From Air, Sea – Yahoo! News

Michael Coren & Eric Allen Bell – The Cost Of Speaking Out Against Islam – YouTube

The modern liberal isn’t interested in the truth as it exists. He is only interested in his view of how the world works. In this case there cannot be and must not be a problem with Islam. If one of their own – a liberal – points out that Islam really is a problem, then the attacks start coming as Eric Bell points out in the video below.

When you first start learning a language as a child you do not worry about the grammar. You just start copying those around you. As an adult learning the same language you focus on the grammar in order to learn faster. Learning modern liberalism works the same way. The modern liberal does not need to know the rules to arrive at the correct answer. The conservative trying to understand the modern liberal must apply the rules – the grammar – in order to arrive at the correct answer under liberalism.

Under the rules of modern liberalism, Islam and Christianity are really no better or worse than each other. The fact that Christianity produces a higher standard of living only means that Christians cheated. They are the bad guys. The misery produced by Islam is only a result of oppression by Christianity or the Christian world. End result: Islam good, Christiantiy bad. Christianity and the Christian world must be pounded down, and Islam and the Muslim world must be lifted up so they can achieve their rightful balance together.

“In January of 2012 I wrote 3 consecutive articles for the Daily Kos. The first was entitled “Loowatch.com and Radical Islam”. Here I pointed out the how Loonwatch only deflects criticism of radical Islam. I was also critical of Islamic theology while noting over and over that most Muslims were peaceful. The comments section of Daily Kos made me feel like I was attending my own funeral. It was like a public stoning. There wasn’t much in the way of responding to any of the points laid out in my article but hundreds of comments accusing me of being “right wing” a “bigot” and an “lslamophobe”. This was disappointing.”

Michael Coren & Eric Allen Bell – The Cost Of Speaking Out Against Islam – YouTube

Mideast Expert Phares: Obama Turns Blind Eye to Iranian Danger

Middle East expert Walid Phares tells Newsmax that the Obama administration is not convinced that the Iranians pose a serious danger — even as a top Iranian official declared that his country is prepared to launch a pre-emptive strike.

Phares, while noting that he believes the Iranian quest for nuclear weapons is “not stoppable,” also says a resolution passed in the U.S. Senate last week is a “message to the administration” that it is time to confront the Islamic republic before it obtains such weapons.

Coincidentally, Phares’ remarks in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV on Tuesday came on the same day that an Iranian official vowed that his country would take pre-emptive action against its enemies if it felt its national interests were endangered.

Mideast Expert Phares: Obama Turns Blind Eye to Iranian Danger

Remember, to the modern liberal like Obama, Iran is only reacting to the west which includes Israel. As long as the west doesn’t provoke Iran then everything will be just fine. We can learn to live with a nuclear Iran.

The modern liberal is unable to recognize threats until it is too late. The primary reason for this is that all bad behavior is only a reaction to something else. That is the foundation of modern liberalism. The bad guys cannot have an evil agenda of their own.

Who gets to have an evil agenda?

The countries and civilizations that are most successful have an evil agenda: America, Israel, Europe – the west. We know they have an evil agenda because of their success. The only way to success is through cheating in some form. So the modern liberal seeks to pull down the walls on top of himself or herself. Apparently, this delusion is so strong that they cannot see their own death as a result. Unfortunately, they pull down the walls on the rest of us too.


Iran’s Hitler Talk: Remove “This Corrupting Material” :: Stonegate Institute

The Iranian government, through a website proxy, has laid out what it considers the legal and religious justification for the destruction of Israel and the slaughter of Jews worldwide. Calling Israel a danger to Islam, the website Alef, with ties to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the opportunity must not be lost to remove “this corrupting material.” There is a “jurisprudential justification” to kill all the Jews and annihilate Israel, and that “the Islamic government of Iran must take the helm.” The article, written by Alireza Forghani, a strategy specialist in Khamenei’s camp, is being shown on most state owned sites, including the Revolutionary Guards’ Fars News Agency — a clear indication this view is embraced by the regime.

Iran’s Hitler Talk: Remove “This Corrupting Material” :: Stonegate Institute

Imagine a person who has never killed before suddenly starts talking about attacking and killing a large group of people. Well, he has never killed before, so there is really nothing to worry about. He is just mouthing off. Then the surprise and shock when he actually does it.

Bad guys (and countries) always telegraph their intentions ahead of time. You just have to believe. Think about Hitler and the Jews. The Jews didn’t believe him and paid the price. Start believing leaders that intend to harm you.

Mini-weapons: Mini-weapons are sought by Pentagon for new era of warfare – latimes.com

But Marines on the front lines in Afghanistan say there is an urgent need for a weapon that is small and powerful enough to protect them from insurgents planting roadside bombs.

Marines already have small spy drones with high-powered cameras, but what they need is a way to destroy the enemies that their drones discover.

Looking to fill the need, the 13-pound “smart bomb” has been under development for three years. The 2-foot-long bomb is steered by a GPS-guided system made in Anaheim. The bomb is called Small Tactical Munition, or STM, and is under development by Raytheon Co.

“Soldiers are watching bad guys plant” roadside bombs and “can’t do anything about it,” said Cody Tretschok, who leads work on the program at Raytheon. “They have to call in an air strike, which can take 30 to 60 minutes. The time lapse is too great.”

The idea is that the small bomb could be slung under the spy plane’s wing, dropped to a specific point using GPS coordinates or a laser-guidance system, and blast apart “soft” targets, such as pickup trucks and individuals, located 15,000 feet below.

Mini-weapons: Mini-weapons are sought by Pentagon for new era of warfare – latimes.com

New Novel: Middle-earth according to Mordor – The Lord of the Rings | Salon.com

A newly translated Russian novel retells Tolkien’s “The Lord of the Rings” from the perspective of the bad guys

Well, there’s two sides to every story, or to quote a less banal maxim, history is written by the winners. That’s the philosophy behind “The Last Ringbearer,” a novel set during and after the end of the War of the Ring (the climactic battle at the end of “The Lord of the Rings”) and told from the point of view of the losers. The novel was written by Kirill Yeskov, a Russian paleontologist, and published to acclaim in his homeland in 1999. Translations of the book have also appeared in other European nations, but fear of the vigilant and litigious Tolkien estate has heretofore prevented its publication in English.

That changed late last year when one Yisroel Markov posted his English translation of “The Last Ringbearer” as a free download.

Middle-earth according to Mordor – The Lord of the Rings – Salon.com

Scholars Return to ‘Culture of Poverty’ Ideas – NYTimes.com

This article is an excellent example of how the modern liberal thinks. For more than 40 years, one could not propose that culture was a cause of poverty without being attacked from every direction. So there was a real lose of freedom in the scientific community. Recently, scientists have been allowed to suggest culture as a cause, but this type of culture only formed due to racism and isolation.

Let’s compare how conservatives and liberals think:

Conservative Thinking

1. Good behavior leads to a better outcome.
2. Bad behavior leads to a worse outcome.

The people with the better outcome are the good guys, and the people with the worse outcome are the bad guys.

Liberal Thinking

1. If an outcome is better, then it was achieved by cheating.
2. If an outcome is worse, then it was achieved by victimization.

In the culture of poverty, or worse outcome, you can see that those in poverty have been victimized by racism and isolation. They are the good guys. It is the group of people with the better outcome who are the racists and isolationists. They are the bad guys.

The entire concept of good and bad gets flipped by liberals.

Let me explain why this type of thinking is catastrophic for Western culture. One can extend this thinking to the national level: America and Israel are the bad countries, and China and Russia are the good countries. This type of thinking causes the West to keep its guard down. It will never be prepared for a sudden large attack. Since no country will ever attack us, why have a large nuclear defense force?

For more than 40 years, social scientists investigating the causes of poverty have tended to treat cultural explanations like Lord Voldemort: That Which Must Not Be Named.

… But in the overwhelmingly liberal ranks of academic sociology and anthropology the word “culture” became a live grenade, and the idea that attitudes and behavior patterns kept people poor was shunned.

… Today, social scientists are rejecting the notion of a monolithic and unchanging culture of poverty. And they attribute destructive attitudes and behavior not to inherent moral character but to sustained racism and isolation.

Scholars Return to ‘Culture of Poverty’ Ideas – NYTimes.com

The Bad Guys: China

For the West, failed states are a problem. For China, they’re an opportunity.

You’ve probably heard by now that China, in its bid to lock in access to energy and mineral riches in far-flung corners of the world, is causing heartburn for the legions of do-gooders working to turn the world’s most fragile countries into stable, prosperous states. Everyone from the president of the World Bank to Bono has blamed Chinese companies and government officials for threatening the hard-won progress the West has made in the global south, while warning of dire consequences for countries on the receiving end of Chinese largesse.

What’s less well known is the key role such states as Brazil, Kazakhstan, Nigeria, South Africa, and Venezuela are playing in China’s international diplomatic game.

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The Worst of the Worst – Bad dude dictators and general coconut heads

[China is #10 on the list of bad dude dictators.]

10. HU JINTAO of China: A chameleon despot who beguiles foreign investors with a smile and a bow, but ferociously crushes political dissent with brutal abandon, Hu has an iron grip on Tibet and is now seeking what can only be described as new colonies in Africa from which to extract the natural resources his growing economy craves.
Years in power: 7

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The Failed State Index for 2010

The interactive map of failed states shows the status of all states. For example, Mexico, Brazil and Russia are borderline states that have not failed but could potentially fail in the future. China is classified as an “In Danger” state because the risk of failing is higher than that for Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

China barely missed the list of 60 problem states by coming in at #62.

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Hizballah deploys chemical and biological weapons near Israeli border – Arab, European sources

European intelligence sources reported on Sept. 1, that Hizballah had recently boosted its military capabilities with a supply of chemical shells and short-range missiles with chemical warheads and was about to receive biological weapons as well. One source said that the Lebanese terrorist group is now one of the most sophisticated and best trained military forces in the Middle East, describing them as “bad guys with good strategic vision.”

DEBKAfile – Hizballah deploys chemical and biological weapons near Israeli border – Arab, European sources