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Chinese troops stop Indian Army from patrolling in Indian territory

The Indian Army personnel were stopped by Chinese troops who came mounted on heavy and light vehicles, official sources said on Sunday. The patrol party was shown a banner that it was Chinese territory and that they cannot proceed to the posts, they said. The sources said the Chinese troops were aggressive in their approach while stopping the Indian patrol who were at their posts. These posts are well inside Indian territory, the sources said, adding that from April this year, the patrol for these forward bases were launched 21 times and only twice it could complete its mission.

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Chinese troops stop Army from patrolling in Indian territory

Clinton Warned of Military Danger in China-Japan Dispute – Businessweek

The festering dispute between China and Japan over five uninhabited islands could spin out of control unless the countries improve their communication with each other, according to a confidential report submitted to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton this week by a delegation of former U.S. officials.

The bipartisan four-person delegation met last week with Japan’s prime minister and China’s vice premier, who is expected to take over as prime minister, and both countries’ foreign ministers. The U.S. group warns Clinton in its written report that, while neither side wants a confrontation, a mistake or miscalculation could escalate into a military face-off.

Clinton Warned of Military Danger in China-Japan Dispute – Businessweek

“while neither side wants a confrontation”

This is a meaningless phrase. Of course each side doesn’t want a confrontation. Instead, they want the other side to give in. The important question is: What will they do if the other side doesn’t give in?

Will China give up and go home if Japan does not allow it to seize the islands? Will Japan allow China to seize the islands? No, neither side is willing to give in at this time. That may change in the future, but right now it looks like nobody is willing to give in. So the tension will build.

Is there really a communication problem between China and Japan?

I don’t think there is. Both sides understand what is going on.

Geng Yansheng, a Chinese defense ministry spokesman, explained the move in a September 11 statement, saying: “The determination and the will of the Chinese government and military to safeguard their territorial integrity are firm. We are closely monitoring the situation and reserve the right to take necessary measures.”

There really is no issue. This is Chinese territory, end of story. At least that’s what the Chinese believe. So there is no communication problem, but there is a clear path to war.

Let me remind you that this dispute is all the fault of the US. Without US backing, Japan would never confront China. I’m using Chinese thinking here. Same with the China-Philippines dispute. So as tension builds in the region, China will be directing their anger toward the US.

Report: Chinese military cyber warfare units identified | Washington Free Beacon

“Chinese cyber espionage poses an advanced persistent threat to U.S. national and economic security,” states the report, set for publication Friday.

The report by the Project 2049 Institute, an Arlington, Va.-based think tank that focuses on Asian security issues, concluded that groups operating from Chinese territory have been “waging a coordinated cyber espionage campaign targeting U.S. government, industrial, and think tank computer networks.”

The report said that despite difficulties in identifying direct links to Chinese military hackers, “the PLA General Staff Department (GSD) Third Department is likely a leading authority for cyber surveillance.”

Report: Chinese military cyber warfare units identified | Washington Free Beacon

China issues white paper on Diaoyu Dao, asserting indisputable sovereignty – Xinhua | English.news.cn

The Chinese government issued a white paper on Diaoyu Dao Tuesday, asserting the country’s indisputable sovereignty over it and its affiliated islands.

Diaoyu Dao and its affiliated islands are an inseparable part of the Chinese territory, it is China’s inherent territory in all historical, geographical and legal terms, and China enjoys indisputable sovereignty over Diaoyu Dao, the white paper says.

The white paper, titled “Diaoyu Dao, an Inherent Territory of China”, was released by the State Council Information Office of the People’s Republic of China.

China issues white paper on Diaoyu Dao, asserting indisputable sovereignty – Xinhua | English.news.cn

Sinking superpower: Can US fight 3 new wars?

If Americans think that our police action in Afghanistan is a war, they better think again. Not one, not two, but three red-hot situations are brewing around the world that could very well lead to real shooting wars, with ships, submarines, warplanes and missiles all firing at each other — and very possibly at us.

The first flashpoint that could explode in the next few months is Iran, …

The second is Syria, where after 17 months of inaction, President Obama has announced that the United States might have to intervene militarily to protect Syria’s rebels against dictator Bashar al-Assad. Assad’s allies Russia and China immediately warned that any US intervention would not be tolerated, meaning they could very well decide to jump into the growing civil war on Assad’s side.

China has also ignited the third hot spot by, in effect, declaring the entire South China Sea to be Chinese territory, a blatant act of aggression backed up by combat-ready naval patrols and installation of garrisons on key islands.

Sinking superpower – NYPOST.com

China Says U.S. Sending ‘Wrong Signal’ on South China Sea – Businessweek

China said U.S. criticism of its attempt to bolster claims to gas- and oil-rich islands in the South China Sea sent “a seriously wrong signal” to nations embroiled in territorial disputes in the region.

Tensions have been rising in the region as China has sought to establish a city and military garrison in the Paracel Islands and to physically block foreign access to a disputed reef off the coast of the Philippines, according to the U.S. State Department. Vietnam, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Brunei also claim rights to islands in the sea.

“What we’re seeing is a significant ratcheting up of Chinese pressure on the region to basically acquiesce that the South China Sea is Chinese territory,” Dean Cheng, a researcher on Chinese political and security issues at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, said in a telephone interview.

China Says U.S. Sending ‘Wrong Signal’ on South China Sea – Businessweek

Kim brother says N.Korea heading for collapse: book

“My father Kim Jong-Il and Me” will be published in Japan by Bungeishunju on Friday.

“North Korea is very unstable,” Jong-Nam told Gomi, who interviewed him at length in the Chinese territory of Macau last year.

“My father governed the country with the backing of the military, but the power of the military has become too strong,” he said in Korean. “If the succession ends in failure, the military will wield the real power for sure.”

In the book, based on email exchanges and interviews, Jong-Nam says North Korea’s troubled state-managed economy presented the regime with a dilemma.

AFP: Kim brother says N.Korea heading for collapse: book

Sea frontiers

The Indian Navy revealed recently that one of its vessels, the amphibious assault ship INS Airavat, was hailed by a Chinese naval officer demanding to know why it was in Chinese territory ? while it was actually off the Vietnamese coast heading for the Vietnamese port of Haiphong.

And it was reported that a Chinese spy ship was discovered in India’s Andaman Islands earlier this year.

A quarter of a world away, in the eastern Mediterranean, the consequences of Israel’s seizure of a Turkish aid vessel heading for Gaza in May 2010 continue to unfold. Israel steadfastly refuses to apologize for the deaths of nine Turks who were killed by Israeli commandos in the attack, and on Sept. 8, Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced that future aid vessels to Gaza would be escorted by the Turkish Navy.

If this sort of thing goes on, it is plausible to imagine a point at which countries with real military power ? Israel and Turkey, or India and China ? start shooting at each other.

Sea frontiers

Chinese troops enter Indian territory – Hindustan Times

Chinese troops are reported to have entered into Indian territory and destroyed some old Army bunkers and tents in Chumar division of Nyoma sector, about 300 kilometres from in Leh. While some reports suggested that the Chinese troops in helicopters entered one-and-a-half kilometres into
Indian airspace, other reports said that the helicopters landed in Chinese territory and then the troops marched into the area to dismantle the bunkers, a move aimed at displaying that the area belonged to them.

The Army denied that any such incident had taken place. But sources in the know said that two Chinese helicopters had entered into air space and landed one-and-half kilometres into the Indian territory at Chumar in Chingthang area of Tehsil Nyoma.

Chinese troops enter Indian territory – Hindustan Times