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Nuclear War with China is Possible, Says Dissident

China is not afraid of a nuclear war with America because it is willing to sacrifice its people, the dissident said. Now take a look at a statement by Chinese general Zhu Chenghu:

declaring that China would launch nuclear weapons against America if it attacked China and that “we will prepare ourselves for the destruction of all the cities east of Xian,” which would include Beijing, Shanghai, and Canton.

The general is referring to help that America may provide Taiwan in a war with China. If America uses its non-nuclear weapons to protect Taiwan, then China may respond with nuclear weapons. So the fact that China may lose a billion people doesn’t really seem to bother the general. Could you imagine the uproar if a Western general made a similar comment?

China’s hawks demand cold war on the US

Officially, China has reacted by threatening sanctions against American companies selling arms to Taiwan and cancelling military visits.

But Chinese analysts think the leadership, riding a wave of patriotism as the year of the tiger dawns, may go further.

“This time China must punish the US,” said Major-General Yang Yi, a naval officer. “We must make them hurt.” A major-general in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Luo Yuan, told a television audience that more missiles would be deployed against Taiwan. And a PLA strategist, Colonel Meng Xianging, said China would “qualitatively upgrade” its military over the next 10 years to force a showdown “when we’re strong enough for a hand-to-hand fight with the US”.

An internal publication at the elite Qinghua University last week predicted the strains would get worse because “core interests” were at risk. It said battles over exports, technology transfer, copyright piracy and the value of China’s currency, the yuan, would be fierce.

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As a crescendo of strident nationalistic rhetoric swirls through the Chinese media and blogosphere, American officials seem baffled by what has gone wrong and how fast it has happened.

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Nuclear War with China is Possible, Says Dissident

Chinese dissident Wei Jingsheng. Wei urged America to pay more attention to the possibility of war with China.

One of China’s most famous democracy advocates says that America has not paid enough attention to the threat of nuclear war with China. Wei Jingsheng, who spent 18 years in confinement in China, spoke at a forum on Chinese leader Hu Jintao at the National Press Club, sketching a disturbing picture of a powerful nation on the march to war.

The forum consisted of China expert panelists giving their various perspectives on the underlying meaning behind the visit of Chinese leader Hu Jintao, who has been in power for the last two years.

Wei stated that China needs the distraction of a war with Taiwan to turn attention away from the Chinese people’s frustration with rampant corruption and failed policies at home.

Wei also stated that a number of factors allow them to consider traditional warfare against Taiwan and even nuclear warfare against America.

[Originally published on Sept. 11, 2005]

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