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Nightmare side to China dream

The global business elite flocked to China’s Boao forum last week and thrilled to the President’s promises of growth and prosperity. But as they flew home enraptured, they might not have noticed what their host did next.

But as the crowd flew home with those words ringing happily in their ears, Xi made a visit to another part of Hainan island, the site of China’s big new naval base, including an underground port to protect Beijing’s growing fleet of submarines from US spy satellites and, potentially, missiles.

It is the symbol and the reality of China’s growing power to challenge US hegemony over the high seas.

Xi was broadcast on China’s news inspecting the fleet. It was his first visit to a military installation since his formal ascension to the presidency.

Nightmare side to China dream

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Xi is telling everybody what they want to hear, but the reality is far different. China’s economy is starting to slow just like the rest of the world. For Chinese leaders that could spell big trouble. It needs a relatively high growth rate to keep the people reasonably happy, or at least not caring so much about all the problems that are building up inside the country. If the economy won’t redirect the people’s attention, then perhaps an aggressive foreign policy will. And that is a policy that cannot accept failure, especially from Japan and the US. Xi’s visit to the Chinese naval base on Hainan Island is perhaps a hint of things that Chinese leaders aren’t telling us.

The idiot and hapless American administration is not helping the situation by continuing to disarm its nuclear arsenal. Thinking that by disarming they are making the country safer. Instead, they are setting up the country to be defeated. Yet, even the vast majority of conservative leaders don’t seem to be alarmed. Why are they not sounding the alarm? I’m wondering if they are caught up in this delusion too?

Chinese ship ‘accidentally rams’ Philippines boat

The Philippines alleged on Sunday that a Chinese vessel accidentally rammed a local fishing boat north of a disputed South China Sea shoal, killing one and leaving four others missing.

The fishing boat set out from the northern coastal town of Bolinao, in Pangasinan province, last Monday and was reported to have sunk two days later, Office of Civil Defence chief Benito Ramos said. “Of the eight fishermen aboard, four were plucked out of sea only yesterday, but one of them died in a hospital,” Ramos said. “Four more are still missing.”

The rescued fishermen told authorities they believed the vessel which collided with their boat was Chinese, Ramos said, though this could not be independently verified. Chinese embassy officials were not available for comment on Sunday.

Daily Times – Leading News Resource of Pakistan – Chinese ship ‘accidentally rams’ Philippines boat

China is a master at this kind of tactic. This ramming incident reminds me of another ramming incidence – the Hainan Island incident.

On April 1, 2001, a mid-air collision between a United States Navy EP-3E ARIES II signals intelligence aircraft and a People’s Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) J-8II interceptor fighter jet resulted in an international dispute between the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China, called the Hainan Island incident.

The EP-3 was operating about 70 miles (110 km) away from the PRC island province of Hainan, and about 100 miles (160 km) away from the Chinese military installation in the Paracel Islands, when it was intercepted by two J-8 fighters. A collision between the EP-3 and one of the J-8s caused the death of a PRC pilot, while the EP-3 was forced to make an emergency landing on Hainan. The 24 crew members were detained and interrogated by the Chinese authorities until a statement was delivered by United States government regarding the incident. The exact phrasing of this document was intentionally ambiguous and allowed both countries to save face while simultaneously defusing a potentially volatile situation between militarily strong regional states. Source: Wikipedia.

Vietnam: How a former enemy became a crucial U.S. ally in balancing China’s rise

The South China Sea’s more than 200 small islands, rocks, and coral reefs—only about three dozen of which are permanently above water—are the subject of fierce, arcane, and increasingly geostrategic territorial disputes. Brunei claims a southern reef of the Spratly Islands. Malaysia claims three islands in the Spratlys. The Philippines claims eight islands in the Spratlys and significant portions of the South China Sea. But Taiwan, China, and finally Vietnam each claim all or most of the South China Sea, as well as all of the Spratly and Paracel island groups. In the middle of 2010, China created a stir when it was said to have called the South China Sea a “core interest.” It turns out that Chinese officials never quite said that; no matter, though. Beijing claims everything inside what it labels a “historic line” and marks on its maps with nine dashes: a grand loop called the “cow’s tongue” completely surrounding the island groups, from China’s Hainan Island south 1,200 miles to near Singapore and Malaysia—that is, the heart of the entire South China Sea. The net result of this expansive claim is that all of these littoral states are more or less arrayed against China. They are also increasingly turning to the United States for diplomatic and military backing.

Magazine – The Vietnam Solution – The Atlantic

See the map: http://cdn.theatlantic.com/static/coma/images/issues/201206/south-china-sea-map.jpg

Hainan Home Bubble Pops as Curbs Shrink Prices – Bloomberg

Zhu Lei, a property agent for the Serenity Coast luxury residential and hotel complex in Sanya on China’s Hainan island, recalls clients carrying suitcases of cash to shop for holiday apartments last year.

“We didn’t even have time for toilet breaks because there were just too many clients,” Zhu said. Today, sales in the second-biggest city on the tropical island compared to Hawaii for its sandy beaches and weather, are “bleak,” he said.

Hainan Home Bubble Pops as Curbs Shrink Prices – Bloomberg

A new challenge at sea

China‘s harassment of the civilian crewed U.S. Navy survey ship Impeccable operating in international waters approximately 70 miles south of Hainan Island was unprovoked and a flagrant violation of recognized Law of the Sea regulations. Their harassment of a survey ship operating in international waters within China’s claimed Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) is a direct challenge to the “freedom of seas” concept.

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China says U.S. naval ship was breaking law: report

“The change is in China’s attitude. This reflects the hardening line in Chinese foreign policy and the importance we attach to the strategic value of the South China Sea.”

Denny Roy, an expert on Asia-Pacific security at the East-West Center in Honolulu, Hawaii, said the confrontation appeared intended to send a message to Washington.

“I don’t think this happened spontaneously,” he said. “…No doubt it had the endorsement of central leaders in Beijing.”

A recent study of China’s rising power by a top People’s Liberation Army thinktank said the country should seek to avoid confrontation with Washington but not shrink when pressed.

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China’s Naval Secrets

Slideshow of Chinese submarine base on Hainan Island

An Underwater Threat

As America and its allies focus their diplomatic energy on the Middle East and Afghanistan, China continues to alter the balance of power in East Asia with little fanfare and even less resistance. Consider recent revelations that China has built a massive new naval base in Sanya, on Hainan Island. The strategically located base, which features underground facilities, provides the Chinese Navy with hard-to-monitor deep-water access to the South China Sea and the Indian Ocean region, as well as the ability to project military power in trade routes considered vital to all Asian countries. Since World War II, the U.S. Navy has policed these sea routes. Washington and its allies have provided the security that has underwritten Asia’s remarkable growth in trade and prosperity. By building a Navy capable of taking on U.S. forces, however, it seems Beijing is now seeking to contest that U.S. maritime dominance–a move that could seriously undermine peace and prosperity throughout Asia.

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Global scrutiny follows reports of Chinese nuclear base
Christian Science Monitor, MA – 22 hours ago
China’s nuclear and naval build-up at Sanya underlines Beijing’s desire to assert tighter control over this region. China’s increasing dependence on

India worried about China’s growing N-sub prowess

NEW DELHI: The absence of nuclear-powered submarines armed with nuclear-tipped missiles has come back to haunt the Indian defence establishment, even though plans are afoot to test the China-specific Agni-III missile within this week.

Though tabs were being kept on China’s underground nuclear submarine base on the southern tip of the Hainan Island in South China Sea, the sheer extent of it – as revealed by latest satellite pictures – has jolted the Indian defence establishment.

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China defends maritime rights, but silent on nuclear sub base report
ABS CBN News, Philippines – 1 hour ago
Qin would not confirm nor deny the existence of the base, but insisted that China’s military posed no threat to the world. “There is no need for the Western

China’s Naval Secrets

Experts attempting to understand the strategic aims behind China’s aggressive military expansion have generally focused on Taiwan. But a new naval base points at Beijing’s significant and growing interest in projecting power into waters far from the Taiwan Strait. China, in fact, is equipping itself to assert its longstanding and expansive territorial claims in the South China Sea, and this plan could raise tensions well beyond the region.

The new base is near Sanya, a city on the southern tip of Hainan Island. It’s an ideal place for a naval base, and a significant expansion compared to the nearby naval base in the port city of Yulin. Sanya features much larger piers for hosting a large fleet of surface warships, a new underground base for submarines and comfortable facilities that would attract technically proficient soldiers and sailors. Its location will allow China to exert greater dominance over disputed territories of the South China Sea; to place a much larger naval force closer to sea lanes crucial to Asia’s commercial lifeblood; and to exercise influence over the critical Straits of Malacca.

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China: Let The War Games Begin

According to the 2007 edition of the Pentagon’s annual report on Chinese military power, China is developing a capability beyond regional war at a pace that both surprises and concerns U.S. officials, a capability that includes a new generation of ballistic missile submarines and the capability of a first-strike attack on our military satellites.

Appropriately, the Pentagon report captures the essence of Chinese military and geopolitical strategy by quoting former supreme leader Deng Xiaoping’s advice to “hide our capacities and bide our time, be good at maintaining a low profile.”

Lyle Goldstein, director of the China Maritime Studies Institute at the U.S. Naval War College, recently said: “What was gray before is now becoming clear. China can now effectively fight a nuclear war.”

Time may soon be up.

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Chinese nuclear submarines prompt ‘new Cold War’ warning
Telegraph.co.uk, United Kingdom – 10 hours ago
It entails asymmetric conflict in which China would use cyber warfare and laser energy to wipe out communications. Anti-satellite missiles, potentially