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We’re All the 1 Percent – Charles Kenny | Foreign Policy

The U.S. middle class is still incredibly wealthy by international standards.

After 30 years of greed being good and rising tides lifting all boats, inequality — or “class warfare,” if you prefer — is back on the political agenda.

The Occupiers who camped out in central squares from Melbourne to Oakland, denouncing the “1 percent” for its supposedly ill-gotten gains, have a point: Inequality is out of control. But these mainly middle-class complainers are an incredibly coddled bunch by any international reckoning. This is good news, because we’re going to need to tax them more if we’re ever going to solve the world’s real inequality problem: the estimated 900 million people who live on less than $1.25 a day.

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We’re All the 1 Percent – Charles Kenny | Foreign Policy

If you thought the fight was about the 1 percent in the US, then you would be wrong. The entire US is in the 1 percent. Let’s go global with that concept. The top 1 percent of countries needs to redistribute their wealth to the other 99 percent of countries.

Ever wonder why liberals were never concerned about all the lying and manipulation of global warming data? Because it was never about global warming or climate change. It was about establishing a carbon tax on the rich countries in order to redistribute their wealth to the poorer countries – socialism on a global scale. Who cares if global warming is man-made or part of the natural cycles that the Earth goes through?