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Site News as of 10-07-2009

I added a free service that you might be interested in. This service will help you to get Twitter followers for free.

I set this up for myself, but I thought I would share it with my readers. I have been adding about 30 followers per day to my Twitter account using this script.

The basic idea is that if you follow other people then many of them will end up following you back. I have a little script that will automatically allow you to follow others based on key words. The program searches Twitter based on the key words you enter. It will then automatically make you a follower of up to 100 of these people. And about 30% of those people will follow you back.

The link is below and in the sidebar in the “My Friends & Network” section.
Get Twitter Followers by 1913 Intel

To run the script you will need to enter your Twitter username and password. I do not store these, so don’t worry. Next enter your key words. For example, Israel war.

The script can take a minute to run depending on how fast Twitter is running. Also, there is some output at the bottom of the screen that you can ignore.

After the script is finished check your Twitter account. You should notice that you are now following more people. The number varies, but will be no more than 100 people.

You can run the script over and over, but I recommend that you do not follow more than 100 people per day.

If the script doesn’t seem to work for you then try again later. Twitter may be limiting you for some reason. Also, make sure you enter the correct username and password for your Twitter account.

Remember, try not to add more than about 100 people per day.

Site News

I have upgraded the search capabilities of this website. In the sidebar you can see two search boxes. The first one is a Google search of this website. The second one is the traditional WordPress search.

There is a third search feature at the top of the page called Custom Search. Custom Search uses Google to search a select group of websites that I have specified.

I recommend trying the Google search box first. It does a much better job than the traditional WordPress search. The Google search box searches all articles in the Google database for both 1913intel.com and pipes.1913intel.com. The search is much faster and more results can be returned if you wish.

Pipes.1913intel.com is an automated website where Google news is automatically piped in from my program at Yahoo! Pipes. I also use the website to experiment with different features.

I have never been happy with the traditional WordPress search program. It’s too slow and clunky. However, you might give it a try if you can’t find something using the Google search.

Hope this helps.


Suggestions for News

If you missed my comments in the last post, I informed everyone that there will be no membership site. I ran the numbers, and I expect too little interest to go forward.

Here are my suggestions as news sources to take the place of 1913 Intel:

1. Sign up for my Pipes newsletter. This newsletter is automated and completely independent of this website. Data from Google News goes to Yahoo!Pipes which then goes directly to Feedblitz.

2. Check out my links section on the sidebar.

3. Check out Instant News.

4. Check out Magazine News.

5. Try the Analyst Network.