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Military suspends No. 2 U.S. nuke commander amid probe – Washington Times

The No. 2 officer at the military command in charge of all U.S. nuclear war-fighting forces has been suspended and is under investigation by the Naval Criminal Investigation Command, officials said Saturday.

The highly unusual action against a high-ranking officer at U.S. Strategic Command was made more than three weeks ago but not publicly announced.

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Military suspends No. 2 U.S. nuke commander amid probe – Washington Times

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US removes its nuclear arms from Britain

Exit of 110 gravity bombs ends 54-year presence. Change happened secretly over years, say scientists.

The US has removed its nuclear weapons from Britain, ending a contentious presence spanning more than half a century, a report will say today. According to the study by the Federation of American Scientists, the last 110 American nuclear weapons on UK soil were withdrawn from RAF Lakenheath in Suffolk on the orders of President George Bush.

The report’s author, Hans Kristensen, one of the leading experts on Washington’s nuclear arsenal, said the move had happened in the past few years, but had only come to light yesterday.

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America’s Perils in the Orient

Nothing alarms more than China’s military build-up. Beijing has the world’s third-largest defense budget; it’s been rising at 10 percent or more a year for over a decade, making it the world’s fastest-growing peacetime defense budget. It’ll grow 18 percent this year.

China is using the cash to professionalize its once-antiquated army and to grow the power-projection abilities of its ballistic-missile, air and naval forces. (Indeed, the Chinese navy has the world’s most active submarine-building program.) Plus, Beijing is improving its nuclear forces, developing anti-satellite weapons and crafting cyber-snooping and warfare capabilities.

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Spy reeled in untold treasures

The CIA almost blew its chance to recruit the specialist engineer Adolf Tolkachev in the late 1970s, but once he had been “landed”, Guilsher’s professionalism and bravery helped build a bond that yielded military secrets of incalculable importance.

Tolkachev, a senior engineer for Phazotron, provided key details of the research and development of the all-important radar systems for the Soviet’s front-line fighters from the MiG-29 and MiG-31 to the Sukhoi Su-27, as well as for cruise missiles and avionics. His secret revelations more than matched the importance of another “volunteer” spy, Colonel Oleg Penkovsky of the Soviet military intelligence service,who provided the CIA with key information in 1960.

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Spiraling Toward a Nuclear Exchange

Indecision is the path to war. The world is about to repeat errors that led to WWII: talking peace while a dictator prepares for war.


Iran’s President again showed his contempt for the UN by announcing Iran is installing 6,000 more centrifuges that spin at thousands of revolutions per minute. Ahmadinejad fails to say if they are the second generation P-2s or the older P-1s centrifuges. The type doesn’t matter, Iran is on its way to establishing a production line for fissile material—the fuel for nuclear weapons.


Meanwhile, IAEA Director General Mohamed ElBaradei conducts an endless series of meetings with Iran’s Atomic Energy Commission, while “editing” the reports of his scientists. Isn’t it wonderful to have a lawyer as the head of the United Nation’s Atomic Energy Administration? He wouldn’t know a neutron if he met one, but he sure could justify its right to exist. Under intense pressure, ElBaradei requested a meeting to provide answers about Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons. Iran responded by canceling ElBaradei’s meeting with Gholam Reza Aghazadeh, the head of Iran’s nuclear program.


On April 14th, NewsMax’s Jim Meyers reported that a credible source predicted that the U.S. will strike Iran. If the U.S. doesn’t, Israel will have to.


There are several key nuclear targets in Iran.



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My Comment:

Don’t hold your breath waiting for Bush to attack. I think it’s a long shot.


NORAD: From mountain to volcano?

NORAD goes from under a mountain to basement. That’s certainly smart just as the Russians are starting cold war II. Sources say a risky situation is only growing more so.

As Sen. Wayne Allard this week declared support for Cheyenne Mountain’s transition to “warm standby,” sources familiar with the surveillance bunker allege U.S. Northern Command is rushing the job, breaking contracting rules and risking homeland security.

“They broke the law with the way they are contracting this,” said one source. “And nobody cares?”

NorthCom has been adamant that bringing North American Aerospace Defense Command, or NORAD, capabilities to the basement of a building on Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs will enhance national security.

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Flight of the Extreme UAVs, From Smallest to Deadliest

As unmanned aerial vehicles, or UAVs, become a staple of modern military operations, their uses and forms have grown more varied. Today they range from slingshot-launched spybots to global guardians. In fact, the acronym itself may be morphing into UAS (unmanned aerial systems) to indicate that these are not just aircraft, but systems that include ground stations and other elements.

It’s not just the military that uses them — police use the same technology for surveillance, while terrorists build flying suicide bombers. Check out the stealthiest, deadliest and highest flying drones in use today, and the UAVs that are most likely to be making tomorrow’s headlines.

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The Logic of Nuclear Proliferation

Russia is continuing nuclear war exercises aimed at the United States. China is making open war preparations. Iran seeks to acquire nuclear weapons. Iran’s leaders talk openly of wiping Israel out of existence. Can anyone see what all this signifies? A destructive war is on the horizon. But we refuse to take the danger seriously. Where is your bomb shelter? Where is your gas mask? How much food have you put away? America is not ready, even if you are. The Shopping Mall Regime and its Cult of Obligatory Economic Optimism cannot be opposed. Americans know, of course, there will be recessions and economic troubles. Nevertheless, we expect that the great economic machine will thrive and the general trend will be toward growth and not decline. Such are the maxims of Obligatory Economic Optimism. Such is our faith in the Shopping Mall Regime.

By J. R. Nyquist

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Vladimir Putin’s ‘grandiose’ plans signal start of new nuclear arms race

Vladimir Putin signalled the return of the arms race yesterday when he boasted of developing new nuclear weapons and warned the United States not to ignore Russia’s objections to a missile defence shield in Europe.

The Russian President announced a “grandiose plan” to restore Russia’s armed forces, which he appeared to link to the US invasion of Iraq. He described the invasion as an attempt to seize control of oil supplies and warned that Russia could defend its energy reserves against external threats.

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George W. Bush once thought he could look into Vladimir Putin’s eyes and see his soul. But now that the Russian leader has tightened his grip on power, the strained friendship between these two major statesmen could turn to outright enmity. The conflict over Iran is just one example. By Gregor Peter Schmitz in Washington more…